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Your Reputation Precedes You

PODCAST |Your Reputation Precedes You | Victor Takacs

If you truly stop and think about it, our reputation is everything. How many times have your enemies used lies in order to try and destroy your reputation and your credibility? It’s really a demented and sick thing, but it happens all of the time. How people do this and sleep at night is beyond comprehension. It is one of the greatest miscarriages of justice that this world has ever seen. However it shouldn’t surprise us, because as our world continues its descent into a darker evil and deeper selfishness, lies are  becoming more and more normal. The problem is that regular people who are victims of lies often have no recourse and are left with no way to fight back. Your reputation precedes you, and it should never be harmed by untruths. 

The Left preaches about its constant fight to give power to the powerless. When it comes to this issue, however, they are the worst perpetrators of lies. Any political ideology that constantly lifts on high THE STATE over and above individual liberty is apt to achieve power through any means necessary. If you can’t beat the political opposition, you hop in your time machine and travel back to second grade. Upon your return back from second grade, your confidence brews since you were just reminded how effortless it is to act like a child. You then proceed to act like a child. Like a litany of satanic ritual chants, the lies ebb and flow in sinful darkness, and you lose track of them in time. Just ask Joe Biden, a man who thinks it’s normal to tell repetitive lies about his encounters with our heroes, our beloved soldiers. Like play things, lies become second nature for Leftist politicians. Never mind the people whose reputation is trashed by unsubstantiated falsities; forget about the millions led to believe the most bizarre things about their president that were untrue yesterday, remain untrue today, and will be untrue in the future.

The lie can be repetitive in nature and filthy in cause. It is an active instrument of evil that utilizes deception to drive a nonexistent narrative about others. Egregious in nature, it reaffirms the liar’s reckless narcissism and dangerous selfishness the likes of which causes a great deal of harm and grief for it victims. Perhaps the worst thing about lies is that they are used on many occasions by the self-centered to make themselves feel more adequate. Why else would one spread them?   

Your reputation precedes you. Protect and defend it at all costs! 

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