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Hiring Process at Facebook

Hiring Process at Facebook | Victor Takacs

Exclusive video footage just released by James O’Keefe and Project Veritas details some extremely troubling hiring practices at Facebook. A brave Facebook insider exposes confidential corporate documents. They highlight policies used in hiring for HR (Human Resources) positions that include discriminatory practices.

You’ll be stunned to discover that these practices exist for the sake of creating a more diverse workplace at Facebook. This seems to be an ongoing theme here in the United States at the present time. Americans are breaking the law in the interest of their own selfish objectives. They have convinced themselves that they know public policy better than every American legislator, executor and judge at every level of government since 1787. It takes a special kind of ego, selfishness and sense of entitlement to operate in this manner.

Facebook Headquarters | Menlo Park, CA

The hiring process at Facebook for their HR (human resources) positions is racist. The social media giant’s reckless disregard for the legal code of the greatest civilization in the history of the world is ignorant beyond belief. Instead of breaking the law, it would behoove Zuckerberg and the top brass at Facebook to look into lawful avenues for legal change. However, it’s likely they’re not interested in doing so. Apparently the easiest thing for them to do is to break the law and subsequently conceal said lawbreaking.

American corporations are not at liberty to discriminate against Americans. This is exactly what Facebook is doing at the current time. As you’ll see in the video, the tech giant has set up quotas for hiring foreigners from Asia with visas. Human Resources documents are encouraging HR to hire these foreign workers over American citizens in many situations. This is a severe violation of both federal law and California state law. Overall, the hiring process at Facebook is extremely corrupt.

Facebook Headquarters | Menlo Park, CA

Why would Facebook take such a big risk in breaking the law? I believe it’s a combination of a feeling of invincibility, power and greed. They chalk this up to a righteous social justice / diversity agenda item, but lawbreaking typically negates any accomplishments in the name of social justice. Even Saul Alinsky would agree.

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