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Multiple sources reported back in March that ISIS was on life support as it desparately fought to hold territory in Syria that, at the time, was approximately the size of a football field. At its height, the so called caliphate was the size of the United Kingdom. Shrunk by the foreign policy of President Donald J. Trump, he was christened the Wayne Zelinsky of modern times by us here at Free State of V. We thought it cool to imagine him turning to Melania and aggressively announcing, “Honey, I shrunk the caliphate!”

The void left by President Obama’s premature departure from Iraq from March to December of 2011 helped create the rise of ISIS. On the offensive and threatening Baghdad, Trump made a promise to the American people during his campaign that ISIS would be defeated once and for all. A man of his word, total victory over this evil fighting force eventually came and went.

Kurds News: How was ISIS defeated?

  • Well, we are America! When a foreign power is locked in a fight with the US, the odds are heavily stacked against them.
  • The Peshmerga (Kurdish military personnel) or Kurds fight like hell! The victory over ISIS only became reality with the Kurds’ fierce offensive against ISIS in both northern Iraq as well as in Syria.
  • The massive air power of the United States Air Force unleashed so much hell on ISIS that their battlefield strategy on the ground become almost nonexistent. Furthermore, their supply lines were destroyed repetitively.
  • The Department of Defense asked the president for a limited number of US troops on the ground to help the Kurds as advisers. He obliged, and approximately 2,000 Marines and Army Special Forces aided in creating a clear path to victory.
  • Russian troops as well as the Syrian military forces loyal to Assad also put pressure on the ISIS fighters, especially in Syria.

The quest for a military victory is not for the faint of heart, but when achieved, it is a fantastic phenomenon. Our previous administration was faint of heart. When our heroes were in need of support in Benghazi, President Obama and Secretary Clinton gaffed. Their foreign policy blunders were indeed numerous, but President Trump arrived to clean up their awful mess. It should pain us to imagine a President Hillary Clinton as commander-in-chief. The prospect is most frightening. Gracious to the Lord we are for the leadership of the White House and Pentagon, as well as our brave servicemen and women over these past 32 to 33 months. Many blessings to the Kurds who continue the fight right now. May God protect them, as they have been staunch allies of the United States.

President Trump made the decision this week to pull the last of the American servicemen out of the region. He cites an end to operations against ISIS as well as the need to avoid “fighting endless wars” as reasons for doing so. On the heels of the exiting American troops, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan began pounding the Kurds from the air and massing ground troops at the Syrian-Turkish border. The Turks and the Kurds are bitter enemies and have been enemies for centuries, but as long as American soldiers remained in the region, Turkey would never attack. Unfortunately President Trump’s decision is not a good one. The region, stable for approximately the past 7 months, is now a war zone again. I understand that Turkey is a NATO ally of ours, but Erdoğan has created a new Turkey; a changed Turkey. He has disbanded the nation’s parliament, which was nearly a century old, and has consolidated power as a dictator. It’s a shame to see the Kurds left to their own devices and void of American protection.

ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Out of Pocket, Nowhere to be Found

ISIS Leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi


Kurds News Interesting Fact: ISIS Fears the Peshmerga’s Fighting Women. They Believe They go to Hell if Killed by a Woman.

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