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Daddy Did a Bad Thing Video

Daddy Did a Bad Thing Video | Victor Takacs

One thing we all know about Daddy is that he’s always up for a good time. If he’s around, and you’re bored, he is definitely your go-to. This is a man who is entertaining even when he has no idea he’s putting on a show for an audience gathered ’round, be it large or small. Sometimes he inadvertently causes problems, but he never means to do so. Daddy did a bad thing once or twice, but he’s never meant any harm. Okay. Okay. He’s done a bad thing many more times than just twice. However, he is never vindictive, judgmental, critical, or angry. This is what allows him to emanate with charisma. Moreover it’s what allows him to build unbreakable bonds with others. People trust Daddy, and unfortunately for the ladies, many allow themselves to fall under his spell. Just know that Daddy is completely unaware that any “spell” even exists. He is a ladies man, but he typically just chalks that up to good luck.

Completely void of an egotistical bone in his body, Daddy’s humility allows him to build substantial relationships with those around him. Unfortunately it also tends to be a byproduct of his stupidity more often than not. Let’s be frank here. Daddy is a bit of a dumb ass. He’s also a drunk. Aloof more often than not, due to his below average IQ and alcohol problem, Daddy’s unawareness of actions by others to belittle and demean him make him immune to ridicule.

In the end, this is a man whose lack of self-awareness can cause him to do some really crazy stuff; EXHIBIT A: His accidental firebombing of an ICE facility.

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