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Project MK-Ultra

Project MK-Ultra

The CIA’s Program of Research in Behavioral Modification

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman

Ukraine Leaker’s Name: VINDMAN

During his testimony, evidence of he and Adam Schiff committing perjury emerged.

[DECLAS] Document Dump

[DECLAS] Document Dump

It’s ALL beginning to come out! The things our government has been involved in throughout the decades will shock you to the core.

Deep State Down


We the People are about to get our Country Back.

Archbishop Vigano's Letter to President Trump

Archbishop Vigano’s Letter to President Trump

Good vs. Evil Fight has the Archbishop and the President both on the side of good.

The CIA Controls your Mind via Hollywood

Hard to believe, but it’s very true.

Colonial Pipeline Hack

They’ll Blame Russia. Make NO Mistake about it, this was a Deep State Hit.