Category: Satire

A category that is hilarious beyond belief, SATIRE will have you laughing at the most absurd things said and done in the political world.

Politicians can do and say some of the most outrageous things. You’ve just reserved a front seat to a Free State of V Category that is sure to give you some comedic relief in the midst of such a serious political environment.

President Trump Sound Board

President Trump Soundboard

The greatest lines EVER!

Social Justice Warriors

Exclusive: Social Justice Warriors

Do social justice warrior hineys have Chick-Fil-A on notice?

Bull Moose Party

Teddy Roosevelt saved by his speech: IS THIS A JOKE?

Nancy Pelosi Cocktail

Nancy Pelosi Out of Touch

The combination of this woman’s diabolical nature and her stupidity points to one thing…substance abuse.

Did Jerry Nadler Shit his Pants?

An unexpected bile movement forces the New York congressman to exit stage right in a slow shuffle.

Mueller Press Conference

The Satirical World of Politics

HILARIOUS! Take a break from the vitriol of politics and see it all through the lens of satire and comedy.

Chad Kroeger and JT Parr

Chad Kroeger and JT Parr

American heroes whose freedom of speech, no doubt, has the Socialist Democrats triggered.

Daddy Did a Bad Thing

Daddy Did a Bad Thing Video

This preview of an ALL NEW episode of “Party Down South” features a horrific accident.

Wolf Blitzer Calls Al Roker

Wolf Blitzer Calls Al Roker

Things go from okay to crappy in record time.

Mattress Mack Video

Mattress Mack Video

The Astros lost. If you bought furniture from Gallery Furniture, it’s time to pay up!