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Socialism vs Capitalism

-Ronald Wilson Reagan, 40th President of the United States

Socialism vs Capitalism | Victor Takacs

Ladies and gentlemen: Our culture will soon be accepting of Americans identifying politically as communists. Why not? They already call themselves socialists, something that was unheard of a decade ago. Time and time again throughout history, the Socialism vs Capitalism debate has been one sided. Capitalism wins EVERY TIME. Every socialist regime in charge of a nation’s government has run that nation into the ground. They have destroyed millions of people’s lives, murdered countless innocent victims, and have perpetuated a brand of tyranny Satan himself happily approves of. It’s extremely important we’re not fooled by these so called democrat socialists. They are communists who are patiently awaiting their opportunity to identify as such.

Socialism vs Capitalism
American Socialist Demonstrators Gather in New York City’s Union Square in 1912

Unfortunately at the present time many Americans have joined in the lock step march toward a socialist hell promised by intellectually bankrupt government officials. It’s as if Karl Marx, Max Engels, Leon Trotsky, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, etc. are still among us spreading poisonous propaganda based on grand solutions that can only come from Leviathan type government bureaucratic control capable of massive overreach that is nothing more than an unconstitutional breach of the liberty of the American people. Moreover the mainstream media mouthpieces of the liberal socialist hacks who are in government in Washington really don’t perceive this as a problem. While conservatives are vilified for being racist, bigoted, anti-Semitic, anti-women’s rights, etc., the media speaks on behalf of those who would ignore the constitution in favor of a new progressive socialist government. 

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