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Trump Not Guilty

Trump Not Guilty | Victor Takacs

How do we know who’s right about impeachment: the democrats who are pushing it relentlessly or the republicans who, for the most part minus the RINOs (Republicans in Name Only), are standing against it? For millions of Americans, it is extremely hard to tell who’s right on this divisive political issue. This is the reason that approximately half of the US electorate is apathetic. They’re sick of the last 40 to 50 years of the deep partisan divide that has become especially pervasive since the election of President Trump. The media shoulder a large part of the blame for this divide. Journalism in this country is dead. Even though we already knew it, Project Veritas has officially proven this to be the case via their undercover footage of CNN. If you’re interested in seeing this eye-opening video for yourself, click here:

Project Veritas
Expose CNN | Eric Spracklen | October 16-18, 2019

The mainstream media will have you believe that President Trump is in trouble. “It’s only a matter of time until his presidency implodes,” they’ll repetitively say. Then they’ll continue, “The mighty democrats are mounting a crusade to bring him down, and they’re the ones who are in the right, because this President has brought all of this on himself. What fighters they are; such valiant protectors of the United States Constitution, putting it all on the line to take our country back from this tyrannical president. Joe Biden, his son, and their dealings in the Ukraine are all meant to be a distraction from the truth. Like the bodies of some saints postmortem, these men (Obama, Joe Biden, and Joe Biden’s son) are incorruptible and always have been. They’re the ones on the right side of history. It’s Trump who needs to be impeached, tried in the US Senate, convicted, made to leave office, and then prosecuted.” The impeachment standard of evidence is nowhere close to being satisfied in this situation. Thus Trump is not guilty.

Lest we forget that these are the same Leftist reprobates who breathlessly told us that our president had conspired with the Russian Federative government in the lead up to the Election of 2016 to rig said election in favor of himself. After over 2 years and 4 investigations (the Senate Intelligence Committee Investigation, the House Judiciary Committee Investigation, an FBI Investigation, and a Special Counsel Investigation), the Russia Conspiracy accusation has been debunked. The longest lasting political hoax in American history finally died this past summer. Upon its death the democrats moved on to their next fabricated cause for impeachment. This was, of course, when they made an attempt to hone in on making an attempt to prove that the President had obstructed justice.

Trump not Guilty

Their newest accusation, just like The Russian collusion delusion, came from the report that emerged from the Mueller Investigation (the Mueller Report). The idea was that they could get the president on obstructing justice, especially when it came to his firing of former FBI Director James “Jim” Comey. In the end, the Inspector General of the Department of Justice would recommend Comey for prosecution, because he leaked classified information to the media. So there you have it folks. Democrats in Congress alongside their media counterparts wanted to impeach the President, because he fired a criminal. Even though the Attorney General declined to prosecute Comey for leaking, he will eventually be prosecuted for more serious crimes. According to sources at the Department of Justice, these crimes will be made public via the DOJ IG (Department of Justice Inspector General) Report and the Attorney General’s Report on the Incipience of the Russia Investigation and FISA Abuse.

There have obviously been other examples of media lies and manufactured scenarios that the Presidents’ enemies were convinced would be the undoing of the President, but they never panned out. How do we know who’s right about impeachment: the democrats or the republicans? I would think the aforementioned information gives you your answer. The republicans and their friends in the conservative media are right. The track record of the democrats and the extremely liberal mainstream media throughout the Trump presidency has been deceitful, immoral, unethical, and downright pathetic. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again. It is for this reason that the democrats and the mainstream media have proven themselves insane.

In the case of so-called Russian collusion, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and other leftist media outlets worked in tandem with the democrats. Instead of Russia, now it’s the Ukraine. Anything to advance the cause for the impeachment of the President. The symbiotic relationship between the democrats and their media allies helps these rogue politicians perpetuate the American people’s suspicion of the president. Even though the Mueller Investigation proved that Trump did not collude with the Russians, the democrats are making an attempt to do the exact same thing here with the Ukrainian situation. In other words, the media is the public relations (PR) arm of the Democrat Party, and they’re more than willing to be participants in the creation of false narratives aimed at smearing Trump. The following is a montage of the incessant and obsessive hatred the media has shown toward the President of the United States.

Unprincipled politicians like Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) leak information all the time to media outlets, and they are more than willing to accept it, print it and/or broadcast it. It makes no difference whether or not the information has been verified. If it’s anti-conservative or anti-Trump, it’s gold to them, and they’re going to run it to make an attempt to fool the American people. As you know, the latest attempt at smearing President Trump centers around his so called promise of a quid pro quo to the Ukrainian president in a phone conversation. A whistle blower has supposedly reported to the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community or IC that he/she received second hand knowledge of this phone call between our President and the President of Ukraine. The person who apparently told the whistle blower all about the phone call claimed that according to what he/she heard, President Trump would only release earmarked US aid to Ukraine if the Ukrainian President promised to do a favor for him, which is completely false, because Ukrainian government officials had no idea that there was even a delay in US aid.

So what was the supposed favor President Trump asked for? The unethical democrats and their media mouthpieces claim that it was to investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s shady behavior with a corrupt Ukrainian natural gas company. That company, Burisma Holdings, had hired Hunter Biden to their board in 2014 even though he had no experience in working in natural gas. Hunter Biden was well compensated while on the company’s board. He was paid over $83,000 a month. The burning question for many Americans now is, “How did he get a seat on that board?” Perhaps it was because his father was the Vice President of the United States at the time and had been put in charge of all US dealings with Ukraine by President Obama. The democrats would have you believe that it was just coincidence. Now let’s be honest here; one must literally be brain dead if he/she thinks Hunter Biden being on the Burisma board is sheer coincidence.

The United States Constitution tells us that a president can be impeached by the House of Representatives on the basis of him committing high crimes and misdemeanors. Donald Trump has not committed any high crimes and/or misdemeanors. Like the Russia saga, this is all a sham. How do we know it’s a sham? There is overwhelming evidence that points to the fact that the democrats have staged all of this much like they did with the Russia Hoax. They are running this fake impeachment inquiry for two reasons:

  1. They’re well aware of the fact that they own the mainstream media. Like puppets unable to speak for themselves, these lightweight faux journalists are constantly slobbering over democrat leaks. Any messaging of the democrats to the American public is done via reprobates like Jeff Zucker and his entourage over at CNN. This is exactly why the democrats constantly leak. Utilizing the power of the media, their plan is quite simplistic. Would you expect anything more than simplicity from these brain dead idiots? Even if they can’t impeach him in the end, they’re perfectly happy trying the president in the court of public opinion in an effort to drive down his poll numbers leading up to the 2020 Election.
  2. Democrats are also running scared because conservative investigative journalists, Attorney General Bill Barr, United States Attorney John Durham, President Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, the Ukrainian government, and many more are hot on their trail. As was the case with the Russia Hoax, it’s the democrats who broke the law in the Ukraine. This is their pattern. They try to frame the president to distract from their misdeeds. For example, they continued to push Russian collusion partly because they knew that it would distract from their criminal behavior which revolved around an unverified dossier that was bought and paid for by the DNC and the Hillary Clinton Campaign. This dossier was created as a report that summarized supposed opposition research on Trump and his relationship with the Russian government. The opposition research was collected by a discredited British intelligence officer named Christopher Steele who had access to the Kremlin. It’s likely that Steele didn’t do much research on Trump at all. Instead, what’s likely is that his Kremlin connections fed him lies about Trump. To this day nothing within the dossier has been verified. The FBI and other Justice Department officials would eventually use the dossier to convince judges to issue warrants to spy on the Trump campaign. The problem was that when asked by these judges if the information in the dossier was verified, FBI and Justice Department officials said that it was, but they knew full well that it was not. When it comes to the Ukraine, Joe Biden and his son Hunter were not the only democrats engaged in corruption there. Hillary Clinton and her campaign colluded with the Ukrainian government to defeat Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election. As a matter of fact, it was this collusion that would uncover the wrongdoings of Paul Manafort when he worked as a lobbyist in the Ukraine. How do we know that Hillary and her campaign colluded with the Ukrainians? Politico reported it back on January 11, 2017. Click on the Politico logo below to read the article.

Trump not Guilty
Ukrainian Efforts to Sabotage Trump Backfire | Kenneth P. Vogel & David S. Stern | January 11, 2017

There you have it. The Democrat National Committee and Hillary Clinton, as a presidential candidate, asked the Ukraine to dig up dirt on Trump. And they are pushing for the impeachment of the President? This article helps the Republicans and does nothing to advance the possibility that the democrats can meet the impeachment standard of evidence. This was reported by Politico, which is no fan of the President. The media blasts Trump because he talked to Ukraine’s president about investigating corruption that appears to involve Biden and his son. They seem to forget that it’s been proven that Hillary Clinton’s campaign worked hand in hand with the Ukrainians to dig up dirt on Trump. President Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky was not all about getting dirt on Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and their dealings with Burisma Holdings (the Ukrainian natural gas company who hired Hunter Biden to a position on their board). It is for this reason that Trump is not guilty. Attorney General Bill Barr and US Attorney John Durham have been investigating Ukraine and Russia for months now. They’re getting to the bottom of the Russia Hoax and have therefore been in contact with Ukrainian government officials. I’ll lay you odds that Barr, Durham and Trump are already aware of serious crimes committed by democrats in collusion with the Ukraine. They know satisfying the impeachment standard of evidence for the sake of conviction in the Senate is a near impossibility. President Trump is not guilty. As a matter of fact, the hammer of justice is about to come crashing down on the latest democrat hoax, an impeachment frame job.

Heavyweights in the conservative media are uncovering new wrongdoing and improprieties connected to this democrat impeachment scam on a daily basis. It is for this reason that the impeachment of evidence in this case does not constitute conviction of the President. Trump is not guilty. Let’s take for instance the Intelligence Community’s changing of the rules for whistle blowers just prior to this so called whistle blower coming forward. It used to be that in order to report some type of perceived ethics violation as a whistle blower within the Intelligence Community, you had to have firsthand knowledge of the wrongdoing that had occurred. Isn’t it funny that not too long before this whistle blower came forward, a change in the rules permitted any persons with second or third hand knowledge of perceived wrongdoing to file a complaint. Before that change, only first hand accounts of perceived wrongdoing were accepted. To read more about this likely unethical change in the rules for whistle blowers, click on The Federalist logo below.

Trump not Guilty
Top Lawmakers Tell Intel Community Inspector General: Come Clean On Secret Changes To Whistle Blower Rules | Sean Davis | September 30, 2019

Even more shocking is the fact that we’ve also come to find out that this particular whistle blower previously worked for Joe Biden at the White House and was a national security / foreign policy adviser to the former vice president on the Ukraine. Despite this crystal clear conflict of interest, impeachment of the President is still their narrative. To read more on this blatant conflict of interest, click on the Washington Examiner logo below.

Trump not Guilty
Joe Biden Worked with Whistle Blower when he was Vice President, Officials Reveal | Rob Crilly, Steven Nelson & David M. Drucker | October 10, 2019

Who were the first people that the whistle blower talked to about his/her complaints? Well, that would be staff members of Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA). Schiff would say that neither he nor his staff had spoken to the whistle blower before they had reported their complaint to the inspector general of the Intelligence Community. That was a bold face lie, because we now know that it was in fact Schiff’s staff members who were among the first to hear the whistle blower’s complaint. Moreover the law firm that now represents the whistle blower is the same law firm that once represented Hillary Clinton and Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY). In other words, it is a leftist law firm. In addition it is also associated with an activist group that has been marketing the idea of becoming a whistle blower during the Trump Administration “so as to voice your complaints about the president in order to save the Republic.” Do you think they favor the impeachment of the President? Ha! If the House and Senate were to use this impeachment standard of evidence, there would be no way President Trump could be convicted. Trump is not guilty. To read more on this bizarre situation, click on the Washington Examiner logo below.

Washington Examiner Logo
Ukraine Whistle Blower’s Lawyers Work for Group that Offers to Pay Officials who Leak Against Trump | Steven Nelson | September 24, 2019

It gets worse. There are people who worked for the Obama White House and even some who worked for both the Obama and Trump White House who are now on Schiff’s staff. They were known leakers who may well be complicit in this whole Whistle Blower / Impeachment of the President Hoax. This is just more evidence that helps to satisfy the impeachment standard of evidence for the Republicans, not the Democrats. Click on the Washington Examiner logo below to read more on this. Exposure of this whole unethical scam automatically lends itself to the fact that Trump is not guilty.

Washington Examiner Logo
Adam Schiff has 2 Aides who Worked with Whistle Blower at White House | Kerry Picket | October 11, 2019

Now if this doesn’t scream “politically motivated partisan corruption,” I don’t know what the hell does. Just like the Russia Hoax, which was staged around the Hillary Clinton Campaign’s bought and paid for fake Russian dossier, this just appears to be another coup d’état attempt via the impeachment process. Hell, why even use the impeachment process, democrats? You people are so power-hungry that you even subvert the Constitution to push your agenda. The prospect of the impeachment of the President comes from the Constitution, but you’ve already shown you have no interest in adhering to the Constitution. Everything you are doing is evidence of the fact that Trump is not guilty.

In particular, Schiff has no interest at all in the consequences that may be looming for him down the road. Either that, or he’s more dumb than previously thought. This congressman continues to commit the most blatant ethics violations on an almost daily basis. He obsesses over the opportunity of leading his caucus in this fake “impeachment of the President” saga. Would you like to take a guess at where one of his staffers was during the recent congressional recess? I’ll give you a hint: Burisma Holdings paid for the travel expenses. Click on the Red State logo below to find out.

Trump not Guilty
Schiff’s Staffer Traveled To Ukraine, Trip Was Paid For By Group Funded By Hunter Biden’s Old Firm | Nick Arama | September 30, 2019

At this point, it is imperative that these lousy leftists in the Congress be punished for their wrongdoing. Otherwise they’ll just create some other fake scenario meant to help them impeach the President. When that one fails, they’ll create another, and so on and so forth. Have they no shame? To drag the American people through this with no remorse whatsoever tells us all just how disgusting these people truly are. They dream of the opportunity of being involved in the impeachment of the President. These days, it’s all they live for. However, they have absolute nothing that rises to what is necessary to satisfy the impeachment standard of evidence. Trump is not guilty.

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