Obama Trump
…but they are trying to impeach Trump
Obama Trump
Obama Lying to America

Obama Trump | Beth Tacerly

You really have to wonder about our current political climate that the democrats and their media surrogates have created and what it means for the future of this nation. It’s very sad! “…with liberty & justice for all?”

Just imagine if this were to happen here in America:

1. A presidential administration weaponizes the IRS to go after specific organizations with certain political beliefs and tendencies (Conservatives, especially groups associated with the Tea Party).

Obama Trump
Obama IRS Scandal

2. That same administration allows Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents to sell weapons to Mexican drug cartels so as to try and trace their transport. The weapons are taken across the border only to show back up after having been used to murder border patrol agents and others. Upon investigation by congressional committees, the Obama Justice Department and Attorney General Eric Holder stonewall.

Fast and Furious Scandal
Fast and Furious Scandal

3. In the dead of night, the administration flies approximately $900 billion in cold hard American cash on pallets to Iran, a terrorist state.

4. They use the National Security Agency to spy and eavesdrop on millions of private communication exchanges among American citizens.

5. The administration’s Secretary of State stands down while an American ambassador as well as other Americans are shot to death or burned alive in Benghazi, Libya. Department of State security for our personnel there was abhorrent to say the least.

Obama Trump
Real Benghazi Photo #1

6. The administration’s Secretary of State also purposefully has a server installed at her home with the intent of using it so as to avoid there being a public record of emails, both classified and non-classified. This is done to mask “pay for play” schemes whereby foreign entities donate to the secretary’s private foundation in exchange for favorable access to the administration. This diabolical corruption would eventually allow a Russian company, Uranium 1, to buy up approximately 20% of America’s uranium resources.

Obama Trump
Real Benghazi Photo #2

7. In the wake of congressional investigations of the Benghazi Incident, the administration’s Secretary of State has subpoenaed emails deleted on her private server and uses a product known as Bleach Bit to wipe her hard drive. In addition, the Secretary orders one of her aids to destroy her electronic devices with a hammer to guarantee that access to her emails is gone forever.

10 Reasons Obama's Worse Than Trump
Real Benghazi Photo #3

8. The administration’s president is made aware of Russia’s attempts to influence the 2016 presidential election. He instructs his national security advisor Susan Rice to stand down and take no action.

9. During the administration’s 8 years in the White House, annual economic growth (measured as gross domestic product or GDP) never exceeded 3%. That is a presidential record for the worst economic growth in the modern era.

10. This presidential administration weaponizes America’s intelligence agencies in our nation’s first and only coup d’etat attempt in its history. The goal is for the administration to take out its presidential successor, Donald J. Trump. He is framed as allegations pour in that he and his team are pawns of Russia, caught up in an elusive scam to cooperate with the government of that nation to win the 2016 election. For approximately two years he endures a totally baseless and highly partisan Special Counsel investigation.

And there they are; the 10 reasons Obama’s worse than Trump. All of this did in fact occur between January 20, 2009 and January 20, 2017. Whose presidential administration is being described here? That’s right. It is the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama.

Notice how upside down it all is; how pathetically twisted it all is. People criticize Trump supporters ad nauseam. The repetitive

peppering of conservatives typically includes the question, “How can you support this man?”

The truth is that President Trump has done more in 3 years for this nation than Barack Obama did in 8 years. All the while he’s done it in the midst of multiple fake investigations meant to turn the screws on him until he caves. He never caves. He fights for what is absolutely essential for all Americans. He may be brash, but he’s scandal free, which is way more than we can say for Obama. Barack Obama enjoys favorable media attention, because he is a democrat. He can do no wrong in their eyes.



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