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There are things about the Spygate saga that are now indisputable. Incidental collection is one of the biggest threats to civil liberties in America. Many liberals remain steadfast in their ignorance of these things. They continue to describe it as a right wing conspiracy.

Spygate is not about politics, or at least it shouldn’t be. It’s about liberty and justice for ALL. One cannot sweep something like this under the proverbial rug on one hand, and then on the other, espouse a belief in the fundamental rights and liberties afforded to all Americans.

Military Arrests James Comey

Military Arrests James Comey

He was arrested on charges of treason, sedition, obstruction of justice, and aiding and abetting persons actively involved in criminal behavior.

Mueller Investigation an Attempted Cover-Up

Mueller Investigation an Attempted Cover-Up

Another objective was to set up obstruction traps for Trump Administration officials.

Dennis Montgomery Deep State Kryptonite

Dennis Montgomery is Deep State Kryptonite

The media love trashing him, which lets us know that we are right over the target.

The Hammer and Scorecard

The Hammer and Scorecard

“The Hammer is the key to the Coup.” -Admiral Ace Lyons

Former DNI Clapper : "They Used Hammer"

Former DNI Clapper : “They Used Hammer”

Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

Obama, Hillary & FBI Murdered Scalia

Obama & Hillary had Scalia Murdered

Eye-Opening Testimony from Former DNI Clapper Exposes the Truth.

Unmasked or Not?

Unmasked or Not?

If justice is not served, we have lost our Republic. An America of liberty and justice shall be no more.

Obamagate & Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn

PODCAST EPISODE 19: Listen to how they framed a decorated war hero right here!

Andrew Weissmann Mueller’s Pitbull

The #2 man on the Special Counsel ran the show. He was a donor to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign for President. Moreover, he was seen at Hillary’s victory party that never happened. He also unlawfully destroyed Arthur Andersen in his prosecution of energy giant Enron Corp.

What do FBI Records Show about the Michael Flynn Case? VIDEO

They could never take out Trump with Flynn there. He’d figure out their plot. He had to go.

Kreken Shoots Gina Haspel

Kraken Shoots Gina Haspel

The Deep State’s last ditch effort now futile.

Roger Stone Barr Attack Letter Hoax

Roger Stone Railroaded

This case is a blatant show of America’s two-tiered justice system.

The Plot Against the President

The Plot Against the President

SEE IT HERE FOR FREE! “Through it all, HE never stopped working for us.”