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Public Policy is the most voluminous category on this site, thus proving its high degree of importance.

Public Policy includes all of the following: The Ukraine Hoax, Impeachment, The Congress, the Hillary Clinton Email Pay for Play Scandal, and so much more. This is a Free State of V Category that is circumspect of federal legislation and its execution.

Biden's Inflation Problem?

Biden’s Inflation Problem?

Biden will not fix America’s Inflation problem. That is a guarantee.

Department of Injustice

The Department Of Injustice

Communism has arrived in America.

Dangers of a Biden Presidency

Dangers of a Biden Presidency

America as we know it would likely cease to exist.

Benghazi, Bergdahl, Blackmail & Bullshit

Benghazi, Bergdahl, Blackmail & Bullshit

Ambassador Stevens was sent to Benghazi to secretly retrieve US made Stinger Missiles that the State Dept. had supplied to Ansar al Sharia in Libya WITHOUT Congressional oversight or permission.

9/11 was a CIA and Mossad Inside Job

9/11 a CIA & Mossad Inside Job

Sadly, this was a demonic Deep State false flag.

Adam Schiff Eye Condition

Adam Schiff Eyes

This episode of the PODCAST lays bare the truth about Ukraine, the President’s phone call, and the new Trump-Ukraine Impeachment Hoax.

Who is the Director of the FBI?

Christopher Wray is the present and eighth man in charge of the Bureau. He assumed that office on August 2, 2017.

Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay

31 Terabytes (TB) of [DECLAS] is Coming Soon to the Pirate Bay Website.

How “The Bidan (sic) Show” is Saving America (and the World)

This article is not intended for dangerous morons.


Shadow Gate

Evil lurks in the shadows. In no scheme is this more apparent than Shadow Gate.

Washington Full of Satan Worshipping Pedophiles

Washington Full of Satan Worshipping Pedophiles

This is enough to turn your stomach.

What did Chuck Schumer do?

What he did is both dangerous and unprecedented.