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Politics can find its way into sports fairly easily because of its sociological impact. Sports are big in America, amassing an audience of millions. Players wield power, and are therefore apt to speak out on certain policy issues, etc.

Sports are front and center in American life. No one loves competition more than Americans. Players are celebrities; thus they and their respective leagues have political agendas that can become quite transparent to all Americans rather quickly.

Do You Have Brain Damage?

Adam Clanton has the best response to one of the most idiotic tweets of all time.

Aubrey Huff Cancel Culture

Aubrey Huff and Donald Trump

The intolerant Left rears its ugly head again. This time it’s happening via ownership of the MLB’s San Francisco Giants.

Yankees Sign Stealing Scandal

Yankees Sign Stealing Scandal

Does this guy not look like he’s hiding something?

Dave Portnoy Twitter

AOC DESTROYED! Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy started his day by winning the 2019 Dipoff competition vs one of his employees. Later on…

Colin Kaepernick Nike

Colin Kaepernick & Nike

Colin Kaepernick is confusing the Betsy Ross flag for the Confederate flag.

Jason Whitlock on Useful Idiots in Sports

Jason Whitlock on Useful Idiots in Sports

The power of propaganda can never be underestimated!

Kid Coach Ejected from Game

America’s pastime has a new hero, and he’s not even tall enough to ride the Beauty of a Beast at Disney Land.

Astros Steal Signs

Astros Steal Signs

Almost every, if not every MLB team steals signs. Doing it for those in need is praiseworthy.

Is Texas Back?

Is Texas Back?

This weekend, football shall usurp the emptiness created by roughly seven months of no football. With the start of college football comes many question marks.