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Immigration is a hot topic right now here in the United States. As the Trump Administration builds the wall on the southern border to thwart illegal immigration, there is much to talk about.

All of the topics related to immigration (legal & illegal) can be found in this Free State of V Category.

Mexican Cartels News

Mexican Cartels News | Mort Collin “Abrazos, no balazos.” Hugs, not bullets. That has been a cornerstone of Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s policy toward the country’s murderous drug cartels. Eradicate poverty, and eradication of the cartels follows, he has insisted. It’s hard to imagine Obrador hewing […]

The American Dream

The American Dream

As the American Welfare State continues to grow, for many, the American dream is no longer realized through hard work and self-sacrifice.

They Said it was a Manufactured Crisis

WELL DAMN! $4,600,000,000 will be dispersed from the US Treasury this week to address this manufactured crisis.What type of government pays this amount of money to combat a non-crisis. Are we missing something here? Nope. Not at all. For our wonderful communist media, it’s the same chapter, different […]

Wayfair Employees’ Aggregate IQ Level Likely on Low End

Wayfair employees walked off their jobs today in protest of the US government’s hard work in making an effort to provide shelter, food, commodities, toiletries, and other resources for illegal aliens. Unfortunately the logic doesn’t add up!