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Immigration is a hot topic right now here in the United States. As the Trump Administration builds the wall on the southern border to thwart illegal immigration, there is much to talk about.

All of the topics related to immigration (legal & illegal) can be found in this Free State of V Category.

Biden Administration Complicit in Human Trafficking of Minors at Border

Biden Administration Complicit in Human Trafficking of Minors at Border

“Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.” ― Mark Twain

The American Dream

The American Dream

As the American Welfare State continues to grow, for many, the American dream is no longer realized through hard work and self-sacrifice.

More Illegals=More Tariffs

More Illegals = More Tariffs

Since Congress won’t do anything, maybe Mexico will.

Biden is Putting Kids in Cages

Biden is Putting Kids in Cages

Like the man he served as Vice President, this is how Biden is dealing with child migrants at America’s southern border.

Child’s Play: Chucky at the Border

Senate Minority Leader Chucky Schumer (D-NY) made a visit to a US Department of Homeland Security Customs and Border Patrol facility Friday.

The Latest News on Immigration

Texas gained almost nine Hispanic residents for every additional white resident last year. This is why democrats want open borders.


It’s Veto Time! | Victor Takacs Today twelve RINO (Republican in Name Only) Senators betrayed their president. They voted in favor of a resolution to block the National Emergency that allows President Trump to build the fence on the southern border. There is no question about the fact […]

Mexican Cartels News

Mexican Cartels News | Mort Collin “Abrazos, no balazos.” Hugs, not bullets. That has been a cornerstone of Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s policy toward the country’s murderous drug cartels. Eradicate poverty, and eradication of the cartels follows, he has insisted. It’s hard to imagine Obrador hewing […]

Parking Lot Craziness

A leftist Antifa member firebombs an ICE facility in Tacoma, WA over this past weekend.

ICE Advisory

Immigration and Customs Enforcement will be conducting raids in 10 major US cities this weekend.

They Said it was a Manufactured Crisis

They Said it was a Manufactured Crisis | Victor Takacs WELL DAMN! $4,600,000,000 will be dispersed from the US Treasury this week to address this manufactured crisis. What type of government pays this amount of money to combat a non-crisis. Are we missing something here? Nope. Not at […]

King, John

Hell just may have frozen over. John King of CNN delivers an accurate report of the border crisis.