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Ukraine Leaker’s Name: VINDMAN



Ukraine Leaker's Name: VINDMAN

Ukraine Leaker’s Name: VINDMAN | Victor Takacs

The Ukraine leaker’s name is Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman. He is not to be confused with Eric Ciaramella, the fake whistleblower. Remember that Ciaramella’s “whistleblower complaint” states that he was not on the Ukrainian phone call; his complaint is based on hearsay from someone who in fact was on the call. That someone is the Ukraine leaker. The Ukraine leaker’s name is, once again, Lt. Col. Vindman. Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman is the Director for European Affairs with the National Security Council (NSC) and has served in that capacity since 2018. He is a decorated combat veteran who received a Purple Heart in 2004 after sustaining injuries caused by the explosion of an IED in Iraq. Unfortunately Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman is now just a useful idiot to the democrats. He’s drinking their kool-aid and of that we can all be sure. Another embedded Obama loving bureaucrat, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman is so proud of himself, perhaps more than anyone else on Earth. When he goes to work, he dresses like a civilian. However when he goes to testify before Congress at a fake impeachment hearing, he dresses head to toe in his finest military garb. Every man and woman who has served in the United States Armed Forces is a hero. For his part, so too is Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman. He put his life on the line for this nation, and because of that he is to be lauded for his service.

Ukraine Leaker's Name: VINDMAN

The fact of the matter is that Vindman dressed the way he did in order to make a statement. He has the right to dress however he pleases, but that does not negate my right to question the motives of his choice to wear the uniform. With or without his uniform, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman is an American patriot for his service. He is, on the other hand, not an American patriot for using the uniform to try and elevate himself to some higher status before a national television audience. In my opinion, Vindman uses his uniform to create perceptions of himself as righteous in all he does. He may even believe that this righteousness transcends his critics’ scrutiny. If he were a book, he would be begging people to judge him by his cover.

Throughout Lt. Col. Vindman’s testimony, his body language, tone of voice, and his responses to certain questions reveal the fact that he has a political agenda. Furthermore the combination of the military uniform and his serious demeanor seem to paint him into the corner of superficiality. To me, it’s almost as if he’s trying too hard to be extremely serious; so much so that it comes off as being awkward at times.

Ukraine Leaker's Name: VINDMAN
Alexander Vindman and Peter Venkman

Vindman’s boss at the National Security Council, Tim Morrison, recently testified that Vindman was hard to trust. He and other co-workers have also said that Lt. Col. Vindman more than likely leaked a lot of information to the media since he first arrived at the White House. Obviously this lends precedence to the fact that he is the Ukraine leaker.

Both Lt. Col. Vindman and Adam Schiff claim not to know the fake whistleblower (Eric Ciaramella). It’s likely that Vindman was the sole source or one of many sources for Ciaramella. Both Schiff and Lt. Col. Vindman likely perjured themselves. Have a look for yourself:

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