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Adam Schiff Eye Condition

Adam Schiff Eyes

This episode of the PODCAST lays bare the truth about Ukraine, the President’s phone call, and the new Trump-Ukraine Impeachment Hoax.

Democrats: “Biden Must Give Up Nuclear Football”

Joe Biden is one scary dude.

The Deep State Shallow People

Doug Collins Released Transcripts

Deep State, Shallow People

Did Jerry Nadler Shit his Pants?

An unexpected bile movement forces the New York congressman to exit stage right in a slow shuffle.

Ad Destroys Dems on Lies

Ad Destroys Dems on Lies

This new Trump 2020 ad calls out Dems on their double standard for impeachment.

Impeachment for Dummies

How Does Impeachment Work?

You’ll know about Impeachment more quickly & more easily than you could have ever expected.