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These are, of course, the Jerry Nadler Pants, named for their esteemed creator, Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY). Mr. Nadler is chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. That, in and of itself is a BIG deal! Moreover, that makes Mr. Nadler himself a pretty damn BIG deal.

So what’s with the pants…the Jerry Nadler pants that is, you ask? Well, Jerry Nadler use to be a REALLY BIG deal, not in the sense of the power he wielded in the US House of Representatives. In the past, it wasn’t power that made him a BIG deal. No. That would come later. It was literally his physicality. Jerry Nadler was a BIG deal, because he was a BIG man. And thank God he was, because we now have the Jerry Nadler pants.

Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA) Has Quite the Sexual Appetite

It’s apparent that the representative from New York underwent a procedure to lose a massive amount of weight, but underwent no procedure to lose a massive amount of pants. Hence the pictures that have the whole nation laughing. If only Jerry Nadler knew how he looked in his Jerry Nadler pants.

Jerry Nadler Pants
Jerry Nadler is a Pants Wearing Gangsta

As chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Representative Nadler is in the spotlight once again. This week the Schiff Show becomes the Nads Show. Desperate to take the mantle on impeachment, Mr. Nadler not only salivated over this year’s Thanksgiving feast but also over the opportunity to stick it to Donald Trump. By now Jerry Nadler must know that his Jerry Nadler pants are a joke. Will a stellar performance in the national spotlight this week have people finally taking this man seriously? Can he overcome his reputation as a walking comedy show? If the Mueller Hearings and the Schiff Intelligence Committee hearings are any indication of his potentiality to shine, let’s just say he hasn’t even a half a chance in hell. The Republicans will eat their Wheaties again, and the Democrats will eat their Fruit Loops again. Jerry Nadler pants will remain a joke much like the man who will continue to wear them. Bill Barr already had Jerry Nadler outsmarted years ago. As Mr. Nadler tries to make a case for impeaching the Attorney General for impeachable offences that number in the 0s (zeroes), absolutely no one in America give a shit.


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