Did Jerry Nadler Shit his Pants?


Did Jerry Nadler Shit His Pants ? | Victor Takacs

“Jerry Nadler Pants” are aptly named for their esteemed creator, Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY). Mr. Nadler is Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. That, in and of itself, is a BIG deal! Moreover, it makes Mr. Nadler himself, a BIG deal. Of course it’s likely he’s the only one who sees himself in that light.

Truth be told, despite Jerry Nadler‘s illusions of grandeur, the man is not a BIG deal at the present time. However, my perception of him as a BIG deal in the past is right on.

Stand up to the Mob

Nadler WAS a BIG Deal.

Why was he a BIG deal? It wasn’t because he was popular. Think about it. Does this man seem like he’s ever been popular?


It was literally his physicality that made him a BIG deal. In other words, Jerry Nadler was a BIG deal, because he was a BIG man. Relics of weightier times, his fat pants are proof of his “bigger” days. They are quite possibly one component among many of one of the worst wardrobe malfunctions thine eyes have ever seen.

Katie Hill Sex Scandal

Mr. BIG Deal Nadler underwent a surgical procedure to rid his body of a massive amount of fat in recent decades. Apparently, however, he underwent no procedure to lose a massive amount of pant material. Some of the weight went away, but the pants stayed. Hence the reason the nation thinks of him as a joke and wastes no time laughing at him any chance they get. It’s the look. People cannot help themselves. If only Jerry Nadler knew what he truly looks like in his fat pants. He must at least know how he smells in them.

That’s right. You didn’t misread that. We have before us a legitimate question at hand. Did Jerry Nadler shit his pants recently? Why yes. Yes. He did. The video tells the story.

The dude is unloading big time dumps all over Washington in public view in a way that is unbecoming of a human being, much less a member of the House of Representatives. I suppose that is why an investment in new pants that may fit a little better is not a priority for the former BIG deal. A person walking around letting their bile flow without discretion is obviously more likely to shift their Palais Royal budget for clothing over to Wal-Mart Depends purchases. I try not to give the Nads much credit here, but it appears he’s smart enough to avoid shopping sprees for clothing he knows he will soil in disgrace.

Poor guy! It must be hell. I’m unable to empathize wholeheartedly with him, because the last time I shit myself I was less than two feet tall crawling around in Huggies. My memories of that time period in my life are pretty vague.

Jerry Nadler Pants

As chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Representative Nadler is in the Capitol Hill media spotlight relatively often. Whether it’s his desire to take the mantle on impeachment or his willingness to oppose the President at every turn, he salivates over the proposition of smearing and destroying Trump. Speaking of smearing and destroying, the man has no shame in unloading shit bombs all over the congressional briefing room. Unfortunately for him the only thing he seems to be smearing these days is his own shit, thus destroying the inside of his potato sack clown pants.

By now Jerry Nadler must know that his fat pants are a joke. Will this recent performance behind the podium have people finally taking this man seriously? Absolutely not. How could they? Quite frankly, at the Shitgate press conference, the noise coming from his ass actually sounded much better than the noise coming from his mouth.

Can he overcome his reputation as a walking comedy show? I don’t know. You tell me. This is the man who shat himself in front of America on television.

If the Mueller Hearings and the Schiff Intelligence Committee hearings are any indication of Nadler’s potential to shine on the national stage when he gets behind a mic, I’ll just say he hasn’t even a half a chance in hell.

The Republicans eat their Wheaties, and they are poised to fight Nadler and the liberals at every turn. Meanwhile, the Democrats are also voicing their disgust with Nadler, and many have called his presser nothing more than an extremely shitty situation.

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