Kid Coach Ejected from Game

Kid Coach Ejected from Game | Victor Takacs

America’s pastime has a new hero, and he’s not even tall enough to ride the Beauty of a Beast at Disney Land. You can bet your strawberry laden ass that I’d play for this tike any day. In a world where kids are holed up in a dark room for 10 hours a day during the summer playing some bullshit video game, this lil dude appears to have undergone his own coronation ceremony on the sandlot. Forget the “boys of summer.” This, ladies and gentlemen, is the boy of summer. Out of his shell and in no need of a safe space, he can turn this blue orange with the magic of his cleats and some kicked up dirt. As a matter of fact the only thing blue about the ump now is his mood. This kid coach is ejected from the game, and for what? He obviously has no fear however, because he proceeds in protest by emptying equipment from the dugout on the field.

kid coach shows ump who's boss
Baseball: America’s Pastime

Great job, kid! Always fight for what’s right. Many within our youngest generations lack conviction, because they’re out of touch with reality, they lack an attention span longer than a minute, and they are way too socially awkward to be able to express themselves properly. All hope is not lost. The kid is proof. Not only does this situation provide some much needed comic relief from the rough and tumble game of life, but it gives the young man a performance stage in reality as opposed to one on a screen somewhere in a dark room. True human interaction is that which embodies live entertainment.

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