The Plot Against the PresidentSpygate

The Plot Against the President

The Corrupt Political Establishment & Their Fake Media Friends Did this to Trump but He Never Quit Working for You

They Tried to Play You for Fools by Lying to You. Show them How Illegitimate they Truly are.

The Plot Against the President | Victor Takacs

The Plot Against the President

How does a nation maintain a democratic republican system of governance when reality itself has been banned? The New Age Soviet Style Media in this country thoroughly enjoy the lives they live. Isolated to their cliquish social circles, liberal echo chambers reinforce political mindsets that are almost impossible for them to stray from. Empowered by their celebrity as well as these echo chambers within their social circles, their attempt at neutrality is feeble at best.

Enter Donald Trump. Once he’s on scene, the fake media throw off all neutrality. Why? For two reasons:

  • He is a Republican with a conservative ideology.
  • He is Donald Trump, the guy they told all of America couldn’t win the presidency.
The Plot Against the President
NBC Media Liberals Dressed Up as Elites

In their minds, the conservative ideology stands in the way of a political agenda they have dedicated their lives to; one reinforced by those they socialize among. Moreover, Donald Trump is a bad person who is wholly incapable of being President of the United States. They’ve said it time and time again on television, so according to them, it must be correct. In order to defend their previous lies about Trump, they’ve had no choice but to forge ahead with their anti-Trump narrative. In doing so, they have spouted tremendous propaganda throughout his time in office. According to the media, it is permissible to do so. Trump justifies it. He is a man who deserves to be persecuted according to a different code of ethics.

Fast forward through President Trump’s first term in office. Despite the major accomplishments of his administration, media persons continue to stick to their guns. The tragedy here is that their thinking, pertinent to complex issues, occurs only at the surface: “Trump is a bad man and shall always be a bad man.”

The Plot Against the President

Or how about this example? Media persons typically glom onto a certain central theme for leftists: only government has the financial means necessary to cure the ills of society. The one thing they’re right about is that no other institution in America is capable of such large amounts of monetary infusion into society. Where they’re wrong lies in a perception that the welfare system is able to cure a majority of our nation’s societal ills.

Throwing government money at complex societal problems such as poverty only accomplishes so much. Anchors, reporters and writers in the media typically don’t think critically about this issue. They instead find it difficult to understand conservatives’ reluctance to support massive amounts of spending for welfare recipients. This lack of understanding translates into a line of thinking that basically says conservatives lack empathy and are close minded in their understanding of others’ plight.

The Coup d’etat that Never Worked

The reality is that nothing could be further from the truth. Understanding the bait and switch tactics of the Democrats, conservatives recognize their foes’ shallow intentions. In exchange for more votes, leftist politicians tend to make promises of pumping more and more hard earned taxpayer money into social welfare programs.

Massive amounts of welfare spending by the federal government have caused participants in these programs to become addicted to government assistance. Moreover, our nation’s poverty rate has remained relatively unchanged. These programs have also incentivized divorce and have ultimately led to the breakup of millions of traditional American nuclear families.

Biden Laptop from Hell
The Big Guy in Hunter Biden’s Emails is Joe Biden. The Money he was Illegally Paid by Corrupt Governments is Astounding.

Conservatives do not reject social welfare programs outright. They acknowledge the fact that their existence is necessary, because every nation with a safety net can protect its most financially vulnerable citizens. This is true more than ever when it comes to emergency situations. Our quarrel with Democrats is not over the existence of government aid and social welfare programming. It is over dollar amounts spent via those programs.

Regarding the media’s snobbish elitism, it goes hand in hand with the group think mentality of the Left. Media elites are liberal because of the brainwashing they are subjected to on college campuses, their elitist cliquish behavior, societal and racial guilt and a profound lack of knowledge of the bait and switch tactics of the Democrat Party. Living in a bubble void of many of the values Americans hold dear, they are unfamiliar of the desires and dreams of God fearing patriots. They are blind to the traditional American cultural norms of happiness achieved by way of a more simple life away from the bright lights of the news studio. This is why they continue to show an unwillingness to engage or just simply understand conservatives.

The Plot Against the President

Enemy number one for the American media has always been the Conservative Movement. Once that movement began to be led by Donald Trump, that was the nail in the coffin for them. Previously unwilling to engage in sweeping lies and propaganda against Republicans, those days are long gone now. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve always shown a bias toward Republicans, but what they’ve done over the past four years is unprecedented.

Their role in the plot against the President is criminal. Useful idiots for the Deep State, they were the recipients of leaks for fake stories meant to damage President Trump. Caught up in their own poisonous ideology, they are attached at the hip to corrupt career leftist politicians in Washington.

The Plot Against the President

Joe Biden is pathetic! His party and their media friends were involved in the plot against the President. They are corrupt beyond belief. Despite what they did to President Trump, he continued to fight for all of us! Hoax after hoax, in their attempt to subvert the Constitution, we were all lied to.

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