Andrew Weissmann Mueller’s Pitbull

Originally Published on March 28, 2019

Much of this information came up during Mueller’s testimony before the House Intelligence and Judicial Committees.

Andrew Weissmann Mueller's Pitbull

Andrew Weissmann Mueller’s Pitbull | Victor Takacs

Sources have confirmed that Robert Mueller was never fully in charge of the Special Counsel Investigation into Russia Collusion. It was Weissmann who ran the Special Counsel, and Mueller was barely around. A ruse from the beginning, Mueller was nothing more than a figurehead in the whole investigation. Barely able to be at his DOJ office by 10:00AM on a daily basis and oftentimes home before 1:00PM, it was Andrew Weissmann who ran the day to day operations for the Office of the Special Counsel.

Andrew Weissmann, United States Attorney
Assistant to the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller

How was he hired? Easily…unfortunately. King Andrew, I (the First) presented his credentials and resume as a US attorney to the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller. Mueller accepted without any objection whatsoever. It was clear that he, Weissmann, was indeed a Hillary Clinton supporter, but that never bothered Mueller. It also never bothered Mueller that Weissmann was present at the Hillary Clinton Victory Party on November 8, 2016, that never occurred. Mueller was heard by other attorneys on the team just after he hired Weissmann to say “Screw the standards at this point. This is the man we need to rid the nation of this aberration. This Weissmann is a pit-bull. He’s exactly the muscle that’s necessary to eject him from the presidency.”

With Mueller on-board, the whole damn thing belonged to Weissmann. It was all hijacked! Do you remember the unnecessary SWAT raids with more firepower than a military patrol in Afghanistan? Or how about the fact that CNN camera crews were on scene ahead of the early morning raid of Roger Stone’s residence? Do you remember when they had Paul Manafort locked up in solitary confinement for months on end? These law enforcement tactics have the fingerprints of Andrew Weissmann all over them. They were tactics designed to heighten intimidation and fear so as to implement a mirage of maximum seriousness for impeachment purposes.

Mueller allowed all of this, and Weissmann ran with it. It’s ALL a sham; a farce of the highest degree unseen in this republic until now. It is exactly why Mueller made it clear that his investigation is not to be questioned at all. Like a Soviet general, Mueller, stricken with an illness that cannot be confirmed at this time, is fading fast, but his lieutenant it seems carried out his orders.

Andrew Weissmann and Robert Mueller
Andrew Weissmann

It’s appalling that in the land of the free, unelected officials were allowed to operate in such a partisan manner. It was George Washington who warned us about political parties in his Farewell Address. The very predilections of the Father of His Country were averted it seems until 2016. Yes. Mr. Nadler. We do indeed have a constitutional crisis, but you have ignorantly misidentified it. The crisis at hand consists of an appointed figurehead investigator, as inept as the queen of England, who has allowed this Weissmann to run roughshod all over the US Constitution.

It continues to be Weissmann who is giving orders to Bob Mueller, hence the pathetic nine minute presser Robert Mueller delivered. Those were Weissmann’s talking points, not Mueller’s. Did you elect a President Andrew Weissmann? I think not. Do you even know who the hell he is or what he is capable of? I think not, but it would behoove you to look him up. He’s no flash in the pan. No ladies and gentlemen. He’s the leader of a coup d’etat. He is using Mueller as his mouthpiece to send impeachment dog whistles to Congress. And why? Well, never forget Andrew Weissmann is Mueller’s Pitbull. Both he and Robert Mueller are doing all they can to try and undermine the President of the United States.

Andrew Weissmann and Robert Mueller
A Man Not Yet Born at the Time, Andrew Weissmann’s Partisanship is Exactly What George Washington Warned us About in his Farewell Address of 1796

And the TRUTH shall set you free…

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