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The 2020 Campaign is heating up more than a year out from the election. There are approximately 20 candidates who are seeking the democrat nomination.

Joe Biden Gun Views

REMEMBER THIS? Biden Tells Union Worker “You’re Full of S–t” Video

Does Joe Biden understand the things that are coming out of his mouth? Here he cusses at a voter in a state he needs to win.

Comrade de Blasio

Comrade de Blasio

Comrade de Blasio has New York City looking like Moscow these days.

Great 2020-2021 Memes

Enjoy the absolute JOKE the Democrat Party has become!

Propaganda Works

This is proof that the liberal propaganda coming at us via leftist mainstream outlets is having an impact on people. Very Scary!

Joe Biden Amazon Tweet

Why do these democrat candidates for President of the United States enjoy criticizing major corporations who provide thousands of American jobs?