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REMEMBER THIS? Biden Tells Union Worker “You’re Full of S–t” Video

Free State of V Flashback

Biden Tells Union Worker “You’re Full of S–t” | Victor Takacs

While on the campaign trail, former vice president Joe Biden made a stop at a Detroit Area Chrysler Fiat factory currently under construction. There he talked with union members associated with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW).

Likely to be the nominee for the democrats in the general election, Biden blasted one worker in response to his questions and overall commentary. What set Biden off was not a series of questions about electrical workers, the IBEW, or unions in general. No. It was a question about gun control.

Tense Exchange: Biden & IBEW Worker

Biden Tells Union Worker "You're Full of Shit"
Democrat Candidate for President Joe Biden Takes Issue with Gun Rights Advocate in Michigan

The former vice president was asked how he thought he could get votes from America’s blue collar working class even as he was “actively trying to end our Second Amendment right.”

In a quick and terse response Biden tells a union worker, “You’re full of s–t.”

Just as quickly as Biden had responded, one of his campaign officials immediately chimed in. She is heard to say,” Alright. Thank you.”

Biden Tells Union Worker "You're Full of Shit"
Joe Biden Talking with IBEW Union Members at Chrysler Fiat Plant Under Construction in Michigan

This was an obvious effort to quash a conversation gone awry. In other words, this campaign official is trying to prevent Biden from saying anything else of a controversial nature.

As you can see in the video, Biden repeatedly silences the official thereafter by saying, “Shush. Shush.”

“I support the Second Amendment,” Biden says. “The Second Amendment, just like right now, if you yell ‘fire,’ that’s not free speech.”

“I have a shotgun, I have a 20-gauge, a 12-gauge,” Biden says. “You’re not allowed to own any weapon. I’m not taking your gun away at all. You need 100 rounds?” 

The worker then questions Biden by saying, “When you were with Beto, and you said you were going to take up our guns?”

Biden and Beto Together NOT a Good Look to Gun Rights Advocates

Biden and Beto
Joe Biden and former Congressman Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) Celebrate Biden’s primary victory in Dallas

“I did not say that! I did not say that!” Biden responds.

The worker then says Biden did say those things and that they are in a viral video.

“It’s a viral video like the other ones that came out” which were “lies,” Biden says.

Then, as Biden points and shakes his finger at the worker, he responds with hand signals and says, “Okay. This is not okay. Alright.”

Biden retorts angrily by saying, “Don’t tell me that pal, or I’m going to go outside with you next.”

Then the worker says, “You’re working for me man.”

As tensions rise in the conversation, Biden responds, “I’m not work… Don’t be such a horse’s ass.”

This is not the first time Biden has gotten angry with people on the campaign trail. In this video, he actually calls a man fat. Take a look at what happened while he was campaigning in Iowa.

The Forgotten Men and Women of America

Just exactly who are the forgotten men and women of America? In general throughout the past couple of decades, these have been Americans tethered to careers and trades subjected to the status quo of the failed economic policies of our political leaders. Many of these men and women work in manufacturing. They are middle class Americans who have been disenfranchised by cheap labor in foreign countries, corporate greed, and a massive welfare state. Once seen as the backbone of the American economy, these blue collar workers have been ignored by DC politicians for years.

One way you don’t get them to vote for you is to act like Joe Biden and imitate this scenario; the one in which Joe Biden tells a union worker “You’re full of s–t.”

These are a people who hold tight to their guns. There’s is a culture of hard work and family values that is indicative of their way of life. In no way, shape, or form are they likely to give up their arms to anyone, much less the federal government, without a fight. Blue collar Americans are a fiercely independent people. They will protect themselves and their families at all costs. To them, gun rights are an important constitutional guarantee that protects a free people and their families from the potential tyranny of government overreach. Guns are also the best method of protection against criminals who attempt to use lethal force on innocent people.

The Democrat Party was once the party of working class Americans. Today their political leaders and their media mouthpieces are a far cry from who they used to be. They are elitists who, for the most part, are devoid of a true connection with normal blue collar Americans.

Joe Biden Views
Joe Biden

The American Working Class and the Gun Culture

Liberal elites cannot and will not develop a true understanding of our nation’s gun culture. They refuse to understand the consequences of an ever-growing bureaucracy that continues to reach deeper into all Americans’ lives. They also refuse to support our police who are the heroes on the ground fighting criminals. Unlike any other time in American history, police officers continue to face high degrees of criticism from the Left.

Remember. Liberals are the same people who want to abolish ICE. ICE is a federal law enforcement agency that came online after 9/11. Their job is to protect American citizens from non-citizen or illegal criminals. Today’s reality is that Liberal elites are willing to extend to non-citizens more rights and freedoms than actual citizens.

Government Tyranny of Concern

Working class Americans who are gun owners do not own guns because they are hell bent on perpetrating violent acts. They own guns to protect themselves and their families from criminals as well as government tyranny. They also own guns, because they use them for sport, i.e. hunting.

Some may believe the idea of people having guns for protection from government tyranny to be ridiculous. However, is it really that ridiculous? We have presidential and congressional candidates who are hell bent on creating a socialist hell in this nation, now more than ever. Furthermore, we now have damning evidence that proves a presidential administration kick started a throng of illegal surveillance operations to spy on a presidential candidate’s campaign. If the government can spy on a presidential campaign, they can spy on anyone.

This isn’t doomsday speak per se; it’s reality quite frankly. The Left doesn’t get it, and I wonder if they ever will.

Shuttered Factory in Democrat Run City
Picture Taken in 2016: Shuttered Factory in Indiana a Reflection of Midwest’s Faltering Manufacturing Industries Trump Admin. has Breathed Life Into

Many Union Workers Frustrated with Dems

Democrats continue to do massive damage to their relationship with labor unions. Their desire to keep the southern border wide open is not conducive to policies that labor unions typically support. Illegal immigration drives down wages for hard-working Americans. However, the large numbers of Hispanic Americans who voted for the reelection of President Obama in 2012 has caused democrats to neglect the needs and wants of American union members and other working class people. Instead they look build a potential voting base of illegals.

The Republican Party, on the other hand, continues to grow its membership among working class Americans because of the Democrats’ ever-increasing inability to connect with these people. The pessimistic attitude of the Obama Administration regarding manufacturing lost to overseas markets is one such example. Take a look at this video.

Sleepy Joe Cannot Win the Presidency without Cheating

I find it to be extremely dumb for a presidential candidate to cuss at a voter in a state he must win. Upper Midwest states that hadn’t gone to Republican presidential candidates since the 1980s went to Trump in 2016. Wouldn’t democrats be wise to be cordial, at the very least, to voters in the upper Midwest? Yet, here we see Joe Biden going into a Michigan factory only to cuss at a worker there. Now that’s one hell of a strategy. He is such a weak candidate. Moreover, he is boring and drab.

Joe Biden Gun Views
Ssssshhhhh! He needs all the rest he can get.

Listening to Joe Biden speak is literally like watching paint dry. Perhaps that’s why he’s “Sleepy Joe.” While President Trump literally draws crowds in the thousands of people, Biden’s campaign staff wonders how they can persuade just a handful of people to attend a Biden speech. It really is sad. Whereas before I would chalk the Biden gaffes up to old age, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that he’s always been this way. Joe Biden 2020 is already old and tired. The race has him eliminated even before the major clamoring for the Democrat nomination has really begun.

Biden Ticket Weak

It has to make you wonder if the democrats are still just so stunned by their inability to beat Trump in 2016 that they’re all grasping for anything just to stay above water. They send Uncle Joe out on the trail, and Biden says to a union worker, “You’re full of s–t.” To engage the American people enough to claim the Democrat nomination will not be enough for Biden. The most difficult challenge will be in the General, and I just do not see Trump being knocked off. Biden was overestimated not only by me but by so many others. I’m not even sure at this point if he’s in his right mind. It appears as though his support is not building; it is waning.

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