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America Under Siege from Within

Coup d’etat Attempts on Trump
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America Under Siege from Within | Victor Takacs | PODCAST

Their Track Record

The democrats are hell bent on making sure President Trump is not inaugurated to a second term. But just how far will they go? Unfortunately, they’re likely to go further than the law allows. Shocker…right? Isn’t that exactly what they did in the lead up to, during and after the 2016 election? Why yes. Yes it is. Just when you think there’s no possible way they could be successful in such a radical undertaking, I give you the past four years. Will those responsible for the illegal Russia Hoax that weaponized the US Intelligence Community against a presidential candidate, his transition and his administration ever pay for their sins? Skepticism abounds due to years of inaction by the FBI and the Department of Justice as a whole.

America Under Siege from Within

So while Judge Emmett Sullivan plays politics with the liberty of an American hero in Michael Flynn, the likes of Hillary Clinton, James Clapper, John Brennan, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, James Comey, etc., remain free men and women. As frauds like The Atlantic writer Jeffrey Goldberg dishonestly trash the President, disgraced anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok hocks his new book on the Today Show. America is under siege from within.

And then there’s Joe Biden, a man who has used his political career to enrich he and his family for decades. His own son, Hunter, inked million dollar investment deals with the Chinese Communist Party. In addition, Hunter was given an extremely lucrative position on the board of directors for the corrupt Ukrainian natural gas company known as Burisma Holdings, LLC.

Democrats and the Coming Coup

When President Trump sounded the alarm on Biden-Ukraine corruption, Biden’s pathetic democrat lackeys in the House impeached the President in an effort to cover up said corruption. Moreover, prior to this impeachment hoax, the President was accused of obstructing justice by the Special Counsel. They claimed his firing of former FBI Director James Comey could be criminal in nature. Given what we know about Comey now, President Trump did our country a solid by sending him packing.

Democrats and the Coming Coup

It was the Special Counsel that committed obstruction of justice. Throughout their stead in Washington they had full control of the Justice Department. Exculpatory evidence as well as other evidence related to the Russia Hoax was buried at the FBI for years. Using the guise of “an ongoing investigation,” the Special Counsel stood guard over the deepest secrets of the Deep State. Freedom of Information Act (F.O.I.A.) requests by GOP investigators to uncover exculpatory evidence as well as other evidence that was connected to the Russia Hoax were blocked by the Mueller investigation. America is under siege from within, and the disgrace that was the Mueller operation is proof behyind measure.

Democrats and the Coming Coup

Just recently it was discovered that as many as fifteen Special Counsel attorneys on the Mueller team wiped their government phones. This was done to hide evidence of the fact that Mueller’s Investigation was a cover-up. The team wanted to make sure the information on those phones did not see the light of day. The bureaucratic disaster that is now the FBI is only now revealing all of this to the public.

Approximately one and a half years ago in December of 2019, the Inspector General of the Department of Justice, Michael Horowitz, wrapped up his investigation into the Russia Hoax. My assumption is that Horowitz likely never cared much about the Special Counsel’s government issued phones. If he had, he would have gone on the offensive to bring them into the possession of his office. In all fairness to the I.G. however, investigating the Special Counsel was not necessarily within the realm of his scope. He had been tasked with getting to the bottom of the origins of the Trump-Russia collusion investigation, which had been named Crossfire Hurricane by the FBI.

Since he hit the finish line and closed up shop without these idiots’ phones, it’s high time the United States Congress in conjunction with the Attorney General and Main Justice act now! We need the appointment of a new Special Counsel to investigate the corruption of Mueller’s team. The conduct of bureaucrats throughout our federal government is the absolute worst it’s ever been in this nation. We have major problems that must be addressed very quickly. Not doing so only emboldens those who seek to destroy our President, the US Constitution, our very way of life and our nation as a whole.

America Under Siege from Within

Evidence that puts US Attorney Andrew Weissmann in the cross hairs of this whole illegal phone wiping ordeal continues to mount. Hired onto Mueller’s team in 2017, Weissmann became the lead on the Special Counsel. America is under siege from within, and idiots like Weissmann are leading the siege. The investigation was his and his alone. Now don’t get me wrong, Mueller remained the figurehead, but he was not in charge. How in the hell could he be? He was a shell of a man when he testified before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees in the summer of 2019. Appearing in what to me seemed a Joe Biden state of mind, Mueller was pummeled by Republicans’ questions. House GOP members on both committees destroyed that man and his investigation in front of millions of Americans on national television.

When it was said and done, one thing was for certain, Bob Mueller knew little about what was supposedly his investigation. And do you know why? It’s because it wasn’t his investigation. It had been Weissmann’s all along. I can remember feeling a bit sorry for Mueller throughout those hearings. He frantically flipped through the Weissmann Report trying desperately to run down answers that could satisfy the intellectually superior GOP congressmen and women who were questioning him. Unfortunately no amount of speed increase in page flipping could save he and his pathetic leftist team from the onslaught. America is under siege from within.

The idea that Weissmann would play the lead role in obstructing justice by illegally wiping government issued phones of their content should come as no surprise. After all, he was at Hillary Clinton’s victory party on November 8, 2016. You’ll remember that this was the party that never happened because Trump won the Presidential Election that night. Like Weissmann, you’ll also remember that Hillary didn’t want information on her government issued mobile devices to be seen by FBI investigators when she was secretary of state. Her method of destroying information on those devices was different from her great supporter Andrew Weissmann. She chose to have her assistants go at them with hammers. She also used Bleach Bit to wipe the hard drive of her private server. It was a different method than what Weissmann used to be sure, but the objective was the same- obstruction of justice.

So here we are after having witnessed countless attempts to delegitimize the president and his administration over the past four years. If you think these evil people are going to stop, you’re wrong. This is going to get worse. It is extremely important to understand that these people have unlimited hate for the President. Their hate will push them to do almost anything for power. With a chaotic election serving as the backdrop, a Democrat coup d’etat is not out of the realm of possibility if Trump wins. Left wing radical operatives like Soros are poised to finance it.

In Retrospect Now…

America Under Siege from Within

Perhaps you don’t believe a word about this potential threat to our nation. You’re thinking, “Something like this could never happen in America.” That’s what I thought until I took a stroll down Memory Lane. There are multiple things that have occurred over the past four years in this country that I never thought possible. What we once knew America to be at one time is no longer a reality. It is gut wrenching to watch this country go to hell so quickly. America is under siege from within. Now is a time for saving if ever there were one. America is more than worth it. In the words of Todd Beamer, the hero of United flight 93 on 9/11, “Let’s Roll!”

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