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The Framers' Expectations

Propaganda Now and Then

The US Constitution would contain safeguards to protect us from AOC & Bernie Sanders types.
Adam Schiff Eye Condition

Adam Schiff Eyes

This episode of the PODCAST lays bare the truth about Ukraine, the President's phone call, and the new Trump-Ukraine Impeachment Hoax.
All media personnel who have put lies before ethics MUST resign immediately!
Enemies of the State

Enemies of the State

The mainstream media are the enemies of the state! What if the things we are hearing and the information we are receiving about American politics is not true?

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Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus Video

The Media are Taking Advantage of this pandemic.

Coronavirus Update: Has New York Peaked?

Very interesting data out of New York
Schiff Surveillance is A-Okay

Kimberley Strassel: Adam Schiff’s Surveillance State and the FCC

In his response to allegations of surveillance, he has said that members of Congress are allowed to surveil any American. Not even the CIA is suppose to surveil Americans without a warrant.

Millennials Embarressed by AOC Video

It's not necessarily just about her inexperience. She is just plain dumb.

Bruce Ohr Testimony

Steele Dossier fed