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Propaganda Now and Then

Propaganda Now and Then | Victor Takacs

At an early age one knows nothing about politics in America, specifically as it relates to the extreme vitriol that exists at the partisan divide. As is the case with virtually everything in life, the acquisition of knowledge pertinent to the world around us occurs in time, with experience, growth, and maturation. As children we begin to recognize the fact that there are differences regarding political beliefs among adults. Typically we begin to subscribe to the politics of our parents, and we usually take on their beliefs and make them our own. If our parents are apolitical, we can either continue that familial tradition of neutrality or choose for ourselves our own independent political agendas. This partisan alignment is either permanent or temporary. Many Americans may buy into liberal propaganda now, and later reject it when they learn the truth in time.

Propaganda Now and Then
The Framers’ Expectations that Politicians like Socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) Could put the Republic in Jeopardy Motivated Their Work on the Constitution.

At some point in our adolescence or young adult life, a personal decision is made between continuing the journey down the political path of our parents, veering toward a different path, or discontinuing our journey altogether. Moreover, as was previously stated, we also have the choice of staying completely out of politics and choosing a non-espousal apolitical agenda. Millions of Americans throughout their lives dedicate themselves to bipartisanship, because they despise the prospect of throwing their hats into the rings of the egalitarianism, big money, group think, etc., that is associated with both major parties. Still others will align themselves with Democrats and/or vote for Democrats in some elections and align themselves with Republicans and/or vote for Republicans in other elections.

Propaganda Now and Then
James Comey was complicit in the scheme to drive President Trump from office. Many millions of Americans are not aware of this as it has never been reported by the mainstream media.

The Framers’ Expectations: Propaganda Now and Then

For the liberal media, it’s always been about spreading lies and propaganda now and then. In the Era of Trump, it’s propaganda now and propaganda all the damn time. The danger of this quasi monopolistic and manipulative hold on the transmission of pseudo information about our elected leaders has the potential to cause grave harm and destruction to our nation.

And why? Propaganda can help reprobates get elected. There are many political decisions made by Americans that are based on the things they hear and see in the mainstream media. The Framers’ expectations that propagandist bias could influence citizens at anytime drove their work on the Constitution. At present, it really is amazing is that the Republican Party not only continues to exist but that it still wins elections. Moreover, the ranks of Conservatives continue to grow throughout the nation. Today’s mainstream media is so blatantly biased in favoring the left and leftist policies that they have become propaganda mills that push radical liberal beliefs onto tens of millions of Americans, many of whom are ignorant and void of political intellectualism.  

The Framers' Expectations
Former FBI Agent Peter Strozk in Charge of Russia Investigation was Filled with Anti-Trump Vitriol Evident in Government Record of his Texts; Fired from FBI

To be clear, the Framers’ expectations that large swaths of the American electorate would be ignorant and would be lacking in political intellectualism is not front page news. They recognized the fact that our nation in future decades would have a citizenry that would contain a certain amount of ignorant people. How? They knew well the fact that ignorance transcends time and shall always be part of the human condition. Political propaganda, now and then, at the time the framers lived, was an unfortunate reality. Obviously today, in modern times, it continues to be an unfortunate reality. These creators of America knew full well that many Americans in the late 18th century lacked a political intelligence that could make them prone to ochlocracy or mob rule.

Americans from the beginning knew that political knowledge for some was void of truths and infected with falsehoods. The framers clung tightly to the belief that in order to create a quality governmental system reflective of the will of the people, while simultaneously guarding it from the imperfections of the human condition, safeguards had to be put into place. These would, of course, be meant to thwart the election of leaders who represented potential public policy beliefs that became popular, because they had been born of group think, journalistic bias, and/or new progressive adaptations of secular mores, etc. For these men the idea of a new nation would allow the creation of a government via the popular will of the people in elections. However, they would also stop just short of completely allowing the people to have sole control of said electoral processes. Their recognition of the dangers of mob rule was vital to the longevity and future success of the United States.

James Madison
James Madison: American Founding Father, Framer of the US Constitution, Known as the “Father of the Constitution,” and 4th President of the United States

In other words, the American people, born free with a guaranteed and most genuine liberty like nowhere else in the world, remain imperfect alongside the other approximately 7 billion human beings who inhabit the earth. As a consequence of Americans’ imperfection, they have a voice, but that voice has not and cannot have a monopoly on public policy. Hence the reason this nation is a republic. The Framers’ expectations for America included objectives to create a strong republic. A republic is a nation with a representative democracy.

We as Americans do not vote on legislation; our representatives and senators do that for us. A true democracy would allow for all of its eligible voters to vote for all legislative bills in Congress. As a republican democracy we vote for our legislators who in turn vote on bills. That’s the legislative branch, but in regard to the executive branch, we also directly elect a chief executive (the President)… or do we? The key word here is “directly,” and the answer is no. The President is elected through the electoral college as another safeguard against mob rule potentially consequential of the human condition.

As you may well know, throughout the last 18 years, two republican presidents have acceded to the highest office in the land even though more Americans voted for their opponents. Thank God! What absolute geniuses the framers of the Constitution were. George W. Bush was elected in 2000 over democrat nominee Al Gore, despite the fact that he lost the popular vote. Our current president, Donald Trump was elected in 2016 over democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, despite the fact that he lost the popular vote as well. You can just imagine how fundamentally different America would be today had Gore and/or Hillary Clinton been elected instead of Bush and/or Trump. 

Chuck and Nancy
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) scowling during a speech about President Trump’s demands for a border wall

I write on behalf of the history of republicanism today because of the ongoing battle against the left that conservatives are fighting on a daily basis. Our system was created by political geniuses, and it has stood the test of time. We pray it holds, but these are times that try men’s souls. The mob on the left in this country, with the help of their media surrogates, have made unprecedented attempts to under-gird and even ignore our great Constitution. Throughout the past four years, the Democrat Party has exposed itself as the truly vile and disgusting political group many have always speculated they are.

The word justice means nothing to many of them. They created a fake investigation in an attempt to drive a duly elected president from office. They now support late term abortions and infanticide. They disregard the liberty of the American people by pushing a socialist Marxist agenda that is designed to take more and more of our hard earned wealth.

They advocate open borders, not because they’re humanitarians, but because they believe that the more Hispanic migrants who come into this country, the more their electoral ranks will swell. California, once a red state is now blue because of this. Texas is leaning more liberal these days as well. This explains why they very recently would support a wall and now they do not. It’s all about Obama’s election in 2012. He got a massive turnout from Hispanics who voted for him. Democrats saw this voting data and decided then and there that this was the key to turning the tide of future elections in their favor.

The only problem is that according to American law, only citizens can vote. Wrong! This is why Democrats do not favor more stringent voter ID laws. They’ve created a scenario whereby illegals, many of them, can vote unabated.  In Texas alone, almost 50,000 illegal immigrants were allowed to cast votes during the Midterm Elections of November 2018. They’ll rant and rave about Republicans engaging in voter suppression, but it’s they who are engaging in voter suppression. Their policies allowed almost 50,000 citizens of Texas and the United States to have their votes voided because almost 50,000 non-citizens cast votes. Selfishness creates propaganda now and then it’s lawlessness later.

November 2018: Project Veritas video reveals the fact that illegal immigrants were permitted to vote by election officials in Texas

☝🏼This is why I write about democratic republicanism. None of this is reported in the mainstream media. Therefore millions of Americans never get the truth. We must fight for the truth for all Americans, and in the meantime, hope and pray that the unbelievable intelligence and foresight of the holds up. Remember, the Framers’ expectations were solid and meant to make America a great nation.


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