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American Mainstream Media Useless

Brzezinski: “It is our job to control what people think.”

Lies, Lies, Lies & Bullshit

American Mainstream Media Useless | Victor Takacs

The Southern District of New York has officially ended its investigation of the Trump Campaign’s non-disclosure agreements and related payments to Karen McDougal and Porno Actress Stormy Daniels. Previous reports from this media outlet on those payments being lawful were criticized with hateful comments on our site, our Facebook, our Twitter, our Instagram, and our Google My Business Page. Those comments were abruptly taken down at the time.

This is the second time America’s feckless mainstream media has been complicit in using its networks to lie to its audiences for prolonged and protracted periods of time. The first time the media continuously reported lies was when it droned on and on about Russian collusion day after day for more than two and a half years. It’s quite entertaining to watch these idiots completely ignore their wrongdoing. They have yet to make any corrections to their previous reporting and it shows in their ratings. Gravity couldn’t create a quicker fall in ratings than their fake news reporting has.

These self-righteous low IQ individuals have proven themselves unworthy of the trust of the American people once again. Never before in the history of this nation has our media inundated Americans with so many pathetic lies and falsehoods. It’s really quite scandalous when you think about it. It’s apparent that the majority of these so called reporters and anchors are lazy, unintelligent, and unable to be circumspect.

Mainstream Media has Betrayed American People’s Trust

It was easy to locate the truth regarding payments and non-disclosure agreements that involve campaigns. Federal election laws do not prohibit personal payments that benefit candidates’ appeal to voters. It’s the exact same thing as a candidate using his personal money to buy a new suit for a debate. Therefore non-disclosure agreements made by a candidate via transactions of personal money so as to prevent people from using defamatory language about them (true or untrue) is perfectly lawful. These payments were not made to cover up any criminal activity whatsoever. They were not bribes.

The American mainstream media is useless. Their inability to locate the truth is stunning. Journalism doesn’t give a damn about one’s personal beliefs and biases. Whether you’re Trump or Saint Obama, you deserve the same objectivity across the board. All media personnel who put lies before ethics MUST resign immediately!

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