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Chuck Fraud | Victor Takacs

New generations of Americans have taken advantage of the Obama “glory years” and have hijacked the political narrative in this country, if only for awhile. They have filled the void in American journalism that’s been left behind by their baby boomer counterparts. Some of these so called intrepid reporters and writers belong to Generation Y, but the vast majority of them are millennials. An extremely self-indulgent group of men and women, they are merely two generations removed from those hardened by the Great Depression and World War II. These people are perhaps tolerated by their baby boomer parents, having only left the nest within the past decade. It’s likely the majority of their grandparents have passed. They rest easy now, having lived lives worthy of their namesake, The Greatest Generation. Suffice it to say their perception of America is much different from that of their grandchildren. Much!

Past generations have given us a mainstream media that has had a tendency to stray left in its reporting, but never have we seen anything like this. In this new age of journalism, the naked disregard for the truth is more blatant than ever. Standing for the truth use to mean something. The truth is difficult for the likes of Chuck Fraud to come by.

Chuck Fraud
Among the most popular of the Leftist Obama worshiping media shills, Chuck Todd (NBC)

Welcome to the new America! The truth no longer matters. The sin of omission reigns supreme, and courage is in short supply. Journalists today are unable to live up to the reputation of a generation of Americans who survived the Depression, stormed the beaches at Normandy and gave everything they had to an ideal and a nation. Moreover, the press is complicit in the worst kind of evil ever known to this country. They are participants in a coup d’etat; the first of its kind in this country. So when Chuck Fraud trashes the Attorney General based on a clip edited to purposefully fit his fake narrative, it’s time to fight for the old America. Or how about when Chuck Fraud makes light of the political persecution of an innocent war hero?

It’s high time corrupt leftist politicians stop with the games. It’s time the media get back to telling the truth. It’s time to correct the record; shall we. The first take is Chuck Fraud’s. The second take is the actual take.

“A fair history would say it was a good decision, because it upheld the rule of law. It upheld the standards of the Department of Justice, and it undid what was an injustice.”

Attorney General William Barr, Statement on Flynn Case

“He didn’t make the case that he was upholding the rule of law. He was almost admitting that yea, this is a political job.”

NBC Political Director Chuck Todd, Reaction to Barr Statement

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