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Biden Documents Released

Undeniable Biden wrongdoing in these documents should have Dems walking back their accusations of Trump but don’t count on it!

Bill Barr and Roger Stone

Bill Barr and Roger Stone

Attorney General William Barr is the antithesis of the Left.

Joe Biden Amazon Tweet

Why do these democrat candidates for President of the United States enjoy criticizing major corporations who provide thousands of American jobs?

Vote for America. Vote Trump.

Vote for America. Vote Trump.

The stakes have never been higher.

The Truth According to Liberals

During an entertaining and quite comedic round table discussion between Daniel Faeburgh and his friends, Liberals are front and center once again. This time it’s all about their habit of anointing themselves as the world’s most reliable truth tellers. Conservatives often find themselves on the receiving end of […]

Impeachment for Dummies

How Does Impeachment Work?

You’ll know about Impeachment more quickly & more easily than you could have ever expected.

ICE Advisory

Immigration and Customs Enforcement will be conducting raids in 10 major US cities this weekend.

Reagan Laughing

Conservative Memes

Have a look at some hilarious memes, photos, and videos.

King, John

Hell just may have frozen over. John King of CNN delivers an accurate report of the border crisis.