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Bill Barr and Roger Stone

Attorney General William “Bill” P. Barr

Bill Barr and Roger Stone | Victor Takacs

Both Bill Barr and Roger Stone consider themselves to be conservative Republicans. Therefore the public perception is that their political ideologies are closely in line with one another. That may be true, but a political ideology should never define oneself. We are more than just our political beliefs. Roger Stone is a clown, and Bill Barr is not. Bill Barr and Roger Stone are vastly different from one another in many ways. It isn’t difficult for any free-thinking person with commonsense to see that. The problem with the modern day liberal mindset is that individuality takes a backseat to group think. In the era of Trump, the idea is that if you support the President of the United States, you are inherently complicit in the worst kind of evil ever known to mankind.

This is a new leftist way of thinking that the mainstream media is more than happy to propagandize and spread among the masses. They are convinced that what they are doing is right. The President to them, is the epitome of evil. They are more than happy to overlook the massive sins of their wonderful heroes who include Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerrold Nadler, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, LBJ, FDR, Woodrow Wilson, etc. The truth is that fact-finding is an inconvenience for liberals, because Trump is at the helm. For them, all sinfulness in governance is 100% manifested in Donald Trump. They have no interest in exposing massive lawbreaking and corruption perpetrated by those on their side of the political aisle. Why would they? The evil in politics need not be searched for, because they are more than convinced that the man with a monopoly on political evil is right in front of us all. This line of thinking however, is extremely dangerous and un-American.

The marriage of Trump’s brashness and overt “tell it like it is” transparency with his conservative style of governance is highly intolerable to liberals. A fact finding mission would serve these people well. It would perhaps aid them in understanding the fact that President Trump is no criminal. Furthermore they would come to the realization that some of their own political heroes are the actual criminals. The worst thing about all of this is that because President Trump has committed no crimes, they are forced to lie to the American people by making up crimes and/or reporting propaganda.

“Salt of the earth” may be the best description of Attorney General William Barr. At a time when we are seeing unprecedented politically motivated judicial activism, the Attorney General is a rare breed. Both his legal track record and utmost professionalism speak for themselves. This is a man who consistently balances the scales of justice and has done so for decades. He is the antithesis of corrupt hack lawyers like Andrew Weissmann. Remember, Weissmann is the left-wing US attorney who hijacked the fake Russia investigation to try and push the President out of office.

Just ask yourself: Would you rather have a Bill Barr or an Andrew Weissmann running the United States Justice Department? Who would be more trustworthy? Those questions are not important to the Left. If you work for Trump, support Trump, are related to Trump, or you praise him, you are scum of the earth. This is how these people view the 63,000,000 Americans who voted for him in 2016. Can you imagine? That’s a hell of a lot of hate being circulated by Liberals, Never Trumpers, and their media puppets. This is what it looks like when it manifests itself on national television.

The hatred here is all-consuming, and it is killing the democrat party. Nothing matters to these people, except for the fact that you are a Trump supporter. Never mind your personality, character, ethics, morality, etc. They can’t stand the President an anyone who supports him. Just ask Bill Barr and Roger Stone. Even though one of them is a highly respected legal scholar and the other is nothing more than a political activist, they are both worthy of destruction because of their political beliefs.

Bill Barr and Roger Stone are two very different people, but they both find themselves on the receiving end of extreme leftist vitriol. Stone’s trial, as of Thursday, February 13, 2020, has officially become a circus, and Bill Barr knows it. A man of integrity, the Attorney General of the United States is quite aware of the fact that he must now intervene in the Stone case. There are a couple of reasons he is having to do this that are going to be addressed right here within this piece.

Even though he is salt of the earth, Bill Barr is trashed by the left because he doesn’t play their game and make an effort to soil the reputation of the president who appointed him and happens to be his boss. The Left will kiss your ass for eternity if you’re willing to trash the President, especially if you are a Republican.

Bill Barr and Roger tone
Attorney General William Barr

How utterly and unequivocally immoral and unethical people are when they disparage persons because of their loyalty to President Trump. Many on the Left falsely identify themselves as those who stand atop moral high ground, because they are better than the President and his supporters; or so they think. All the while they praise Obama who buddied up to Bernadine Dorn and Bill Ayers, the masterminds of anti-Vietnam War domestic terror attacks. Barack Obama’s Justice Department also sold guns to Mexican cartels, and then when they lost track of them and their bullets showed up in the bodies of dead Americans, they tried to cover it up. The Obama Administration even weaponized the IRS to go after Tea Party groups.

The 1995 Bill Clinton Presidential Campaign colluded with the Chinese by accepting millions of dollars in campaign contributions from Beijing. Janet Reno, Attorney General at the time, refused to appoint an independent counsel to investigate. And as we all know, the Bill Clinton rap sheet goes on and on and on.

How about Ted Kennedy? Did any democrats support him? Absolutely they did. This was despite the fact that in the summer of 1969 he drove into a ravine drunk and left a young woman for dead in the passenger seat of his car. The kicker is that Kennedy never sought the help of local authorities. He walked to his hotel and went to bed. Ten hours later the police were alerted when someone saw a portion of the vehicle poking out just above the surface of the water. The morning low tide had revealed the sins of Mr. Kennedy from the night before. First responders dove into the water at the scene to find the young woman deceased with her mouth open in an air pocket. The grueling truth about her agonizing death became crystal clear when no water was found to be in her lungs. She hadn’t drowned. No. She had suffocated. It was estimated that she was alive and trapped inside the vehicle for approximately two hours after the crash, because she was able to breathe into an air pocket. With no oxygen left, she frantically breathed in carbon dioxide as she suffocated.

What a filthy legacy; the antithesis of being salt of the earth. Most Americans know absolutely nothing about the aforementioned, because the media conceals it, schools don’t teach it in US history classes, and the Left controls popular culture. You see, many Trump supporters are asked by Lefties, “How can you support Donald Trump?” My answer is contained in the paragraphs above. The party of slavery and segregation wants Americans to believe Donald Trump is a racist. They want Americans to hate him. Sorry. We’re just not that stupid.

Leftists and their media surrogates want us to believe they hate Donald Trump, because he is a racist bigot. The truth is they hate him, because he doesn’t put up with their faux outrage bullshit. He’s the first conservative president in American history to put the gloves on when the media initiates a fight, and they cannot stand it. Their hatred runs so deep that they are willing to trash and destroy the reputations of his political appointees via blatantly false accusations. Look at what they did to Justice Kavanaugh. Like the Soviet Politburo, they put him on trial and unconstitutionally ignored his due process rights, almost costing him his rightful seat on the bench of the Supreme Court.

How about Bill Barr? They desperately tried to ruin him, because they didn’t like the way the Mueller Report was written; like it was his fault. The left has no idea how truly professional and kind Bill Barr truly is. When he made an announcement before the testimony of Robert Mueller that the former Special Counsel did not need to testify, the Left trashed him. They accused him of trying to cover up for the President. Barr did this, because he thought it necessary to make an effort to protect Mueller and his reputation. He knew exactly what Mueller was walking in to. Barr was aware of Robert Mueller’s mental decline and so he selflessly offered him a way out, completely aware of the potential backlash that was sure to come from the Left.

Bill Barr also refused to indict former FBI Director James Comey after Inspector General (I.G.) Michael Horowitz recommended he be prosecuted for leaking memos written about President Trump to the media. Why did he refuse to indict? He’s smart, and he knows that patience pays huge dividends when it comes to justice. This would be a weak case, and he knows it. It’s just another example of how professional the Attorney General is. While the democrats will try to set up Soviet style show trials void of due process to smear political enemies, attorneys like Bill Barr are extremely meticulous about their prosecutions. Moreover they do not let partisanship enter into their decision-making.

Bill Barr and Roger Stone
Former FBI Director Jim Comey

Have no fear! Comey will eventually be indicted for breaking other laws. John Durham’s grand jury is likely to indict him as well as others. Justice will be done.

Roger Stone

As is reflected in the aforementioned text of this piece, Bill Barr and Roger Stone are two very different people. However in the eyes of liberals, they are one in the same. Allow me to lay it all out right here. Roger Stone is a conservative Republican political activist, and he has been since he was approximately 20 years old. He worked closely with both the Nixon and Reagan Campaigns. Stone’s affinity for President Nixon is evident in the tattoo he has on his back.

Bill Barr and Roger Stone
Roger Stone and his Nixon Tattoo

Stone’s political activism was reborn via the Trump campaign. Eventually he would be swept up in the Mueller Investigation, after having been a campaign employee and unpaid surrogate just shortly thereafter. Blatant political bias throughout the totality of his ordeal has been extremely unjust. It all started with the predawn raid of his home in Florida approximately a year ago. In order to create a false narrative for the American people to see, CNN was told about the raid, and they were in place filming as it occurred. Moreover the team in charge of taking Roger Stone into custody was dressed in tactical gear with extremely high powered weaponry. It was ridiculous to say the least. Having never found any evidence that Roger Stone had colluded with Russia, he was charged with process crimes. In other words, he had lied to Congress. Guess who else lied to Congress, That’s right…Andrew McCabe.

Prosecutors have recommended 7-9 years in federal prison for Roger Stone before he was pardoned by President Trump. Both Bill Barr and Roger Stone as well as countless others know damn well the travesty and injustice here. This spells it out in case you’re not aware.

Rapists in America serve an average sentence of four years. The average jail time for murderers before parole is approximately 13 1/2 years. 7-9 years? What an absolute joke!

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