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America stands as a beacon of liberty, freedom, dignity, and prosperity to the rest of the world. The democrat party enjoys apologizing for America. And for what? No other civilization in the history of the world has selflessly provided so much for so many. This Free State of V Category addresses this and so much more.

Myanmar Blackout: EBS Activated, No Power, No Internet

Myanmar Blackout: EBS Activated, No Power, No Internet

Nation in Transition…

Indonesia's Largest Refinery Explodes

Indonesia’s Largest Refinery Explodes

Massive Explosion Claims Multiple Lives

If You Have Hair (Real or Fake) You’re Officially Screwed

If you presently have real hair on your head, wear a toupee, or any other type of fake hair , the expect of having your head fiddled with every time you fly. It’s either that or the bald look. The choice is yours.

Iran is Weak

Iranian Government Confirmation Came Moments Ago.

Kurds News

Kurds News

Erdoğan moves into northern Syria to attack a staunch US ally, the Kurds.