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Department of Injustice

The Department Of Injustice

Communism has arrived in America.

Ukraine Transcript Shows Nothing

READ IT HERE: Full Trump-Zelensky Ukraine Call Transcript

Obama Committed High Treason

Obama Committed High Treason

This is why Obama never batted an eye as he usurped Americans’ freedom and liberty. It was never worth defending. Pathetic!

Dennis Montgomery Deep State Kryptonite

Dennis Montgomery is Deep State Kryptonite

The media love trashing him, which lets us know that we are right over the target.

This is What Happened in Texas

This is What Happened in Texas

The True Story of the Failures of the Texas Electric Grid

Biden/Harris are Compromised by communist China

Biden/Harris Compromised by Communist China

This is the Great American Sale, and we are the product.

Cancel Culture Officially Cancelled

Cancel Culture is Officially Cancelled

No one asked you anyway.

What is CGI?

What is CGI?

What we think is real may not always be the case.

Flynn Pardoned to Destroy Deep State

He’s about to show us all why Obama wanted him locked up and gagged. Bye bye Deep State!

Biden is Putting Kids in Cages

Biden is Putting Kids in Cages

Like the man he served as Vice President, this is how Biden is dealing with child migrants at America’s southern border.

Kreken Shoots Gina Haspel

Kraken Shoots Gina Haspel

The Deep State’s last ditch effort now futile.


Irrefutable Evidence of Biden Family Corruption on Laptop Found in Delaware Repair Shop

Joe Biden Ukraine Video

Joe Biden Ukraine Documents

Documents provide no doubt about Biden corruption.