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Intrepid Reporter, John Solomon

Joe Biden Ukraine Documents | Victor Takacs

Perhaps you have seen the infamous Joe Biden Ukraine Video, as it has basically gone viral thanks to impeachment. Tonight there is more! In December of 2019, The Hill‘s John Solomon released approximately 450 pages of once secret documents that implicate Joe Biden and his son Hunter in a massive scandal. These are known as the Joe Biden Ukraine Documents. In 2014, Hunter Biden gained a position on the corporate board of Burisma Holdings, a corrupt Ukrainian gas company. This position was made available to him via his father Joe Biden, who was Vice President of the United States at the time. President Obama had made Biden the administration’s point man on Ukrainian affairs. Therefore it’s plain to see how Hunter Biden, having no experience in the energy industry, suddenly found himself on the board for Burisma where he raked in a handsome MONTHLY salary of approximately $83,000. When the Ukraine’s state prosecutor began looking into Burisma, their shady and corrupt dealings, and Hunter Biden’s possible involvement in these dealings, this happened…

Biden Video: Ukraine (Straight from the Horse’s Mouth)

A smoking gun represents evidence worthy of the highest degree of investigation. If that’s truly the case, this Joe Biden Ukraine video can be likened to a gun that is engulfed in flames feeding the blackest, thickest billowing smoke anyone has ever seen. This is 100% clear cut evidence of stone cold scheming for bribery purposes. The self incrimination here is next level shit. Joe Biden literally throws his fifth amendment rights out the window without even giving it a second thought.

John Solomon’s Documents

Joe and Hunter Biden are complicit beyond belief in bribery via their dealings in Ukraine. These Joe Biden Ukraine documents are evidence enough to prove it. Coupled with these documents, a slam dunk case against the former Vice President and his son is undeniable. Collected by Solomon over the duration of the past 18 months, the documents come from 4 sources:

  1. The United States Department of State
  2. The Ukrainian Embassy in Washington
  3. The Ukrainian government
  4. The legal team of Burisma Holdings

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