This is What Happened in TexasPublic Policy

This is What Happened in Texas

InfoWars | February 19, 2021

Global Bombshell: Department of Energy Blocked Texas From Increasing Power Output Before And During Deadly Storm

This is What Happened in Texas
This is What Happened in Texas
The United States Department of Energy

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  2. Wow, amazing information. I contacted Ken Paxton’s office last weekend demanding an investigation into this. Why isn’t anyone acknowledging that this was weather warfare? We know the snow won’t melt, it turns black and hard when you heat it up. Why is Geo engineering still considered a conspiracy theory?

    Thank you for this info and I love the site already!

    • Thank You! I’ve been informed that Paxton & the Attorney General’s Office for the State of Texas has this information and they are well aware. BLESSINGS!

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