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Media Fear Mongering

History has been made! At no point in the past has the American mainstream media said such hateful poisonous things about the President of the United States, but with Donald Trump, they are obsessed.
Aubrey Huff Cancel Culture

Aubrey Huff Donald Trump

The intolerant Left rears its ugly head again. This time it's happening via ownership of the MLB's San Francisco Giants.
Covington Catholic to Jussie Smollett

Covington Catholic to Jussie Smollett

The Left lives a continuous lie every single day; absolute reprobates.
Eric Ciaramella Photo

Eric Ciaramella Photo

Joe Biden’s worst nightmare is resurfacing thanks to a whistleblower trying to take out Trump. "ERIC. OH ERIC. WHERE ARE YOU?"

The New San Francisco

The California Bay Area is drowning in filth thanks to its liberal local, state, and federal politicians.
Showing Your True Colors

Showing Your True Colors

Leftists typically accuse conservative Republicans of the things they unlawfully do.
Impeachment of the President

Trump Not Guilty

Investigative Journalism from the Conservative Media Destroys Fake Democrat Impeachment Narrative
Jerry Nadler Congress

Mr. Nadler Pants

The Impeachment Circus has arrived. The greatest show on Earth is back, and you probably know exactly where it is. CORRECT‼️ You guessed it; back in DC.

Adam Schiff Russian Audio

Could you have ever imagined it: This odd man would be hijacking our political system to drive a president elected by the American people from office?
A picture is worth a thousand words.
Social Justice Warriors

Exclusive: Social Justice Warriors

Do social justice warrior hineys have Chick-Fil-A on notice?

Video: Who are Liberals?

They are not as complicated as many think. The reasons for their beliefs and radical ideologies are right here.


Chris Cuomo goes off the rails in this NEW VIDEO as he angrily yells at conservatives using profane language.

Frank Figliuzzi Video

This man has no idea what he's talking about!


Is this a joke? This convention looks like it's something produced for Saturday Night Live.

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The Media are Taking Advantage of this pandemic.

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Schiff Surveillance is A-Okay

Kimberley Strassel: Adam Schiff’s Surveillance State and the FCC

In his response to allegations of surveillance, he has said that members of Congress are allowed to surveil any American. Not even the CIA is suppose to surveil Americans without a warrant.

Millennials Embarressed by AOC Video

It's not necessarily just about her inexperience. She is just plain dumb.

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