Video: Who are Liberals?Public Policy

Video: Who are Liberals?

Video: Who are Liberals?

This Video SAYS. IT. ALL.

Video: Who are Liberals? | Victor Takacs

Created by the Daily Caller as a promo for the 2019 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), this is the BEST synthesis of how truly radical, unhinged, and destructive liberals have become.

The Video: “Who are Liberals?” hits the mark. Liberalism today is not exactly what it used to be. Since the 1960s and the popularization of a more radical counter culture, Liberals have taken up that mantle in the name of rapid progressive push back on conservative ideals. Theirs is not just a political ideology of creating more numerous social welfare programs but also a political ideology of creating new social norms that have not typically been in the American mainstream. Change is not always bad, but when it is done rapidly and done on a more grand scale, it can be devastating to a civilization. Moreover when these changes are immoral and unethical, they can create a culture of disrespect and corruption.

So what happened? Who are liberals today? A typical characteristic of the new liberal ideology is ironically an elitism of the very kind that many liberals presently despise and/or have despised in years past. This elitism gives liberals a false sense of thinking that their ideas are 100% accurate and/or correct. Therefore when challenged by conservatives, some of them can become quite aggressive, belligerent, and even tyrannical. This elitism was born out of the 1960s anti-authority counter culture that said “Those in authority are incompetent and in disarray. Therefore they are to be discredited by our more bold, correct, accurate, and ultimately superior ideas.” While it’s true that the mishandling of the Vietnam War as well as the Watergate Scandal did much to discredit those in charge, the idea that they were wrong on everything is just not accurate.

Video: Who are Liberals?
Anti-War Protesters Plant Viet Cong Flag Atop Chicago Statue During 1968 Democrat National Convention

Saul Alinskey wrote a book in the 1960s entitled Rules for Radicals. It lays out plans for liberals for resistance to political opposition at all costs. In Rules for Radicals one is able to learn how to get his/her way in lieu of negotiating and finding common ground. This is exactly why liberals will lie like they do, destroy people’s reputations, and even create chaos to get what they want.

The Inspector General (IG) of the Justice Department released his report on FISA abuse that was done to spy on the Trump campaign. It is damning in its litany of multiple severe criminal transgressions. I have no sympathy for these people. They let their political ideology supersede law. To them it wasn’t about the fact that they were breaking the law. What was more important was getting rid of Trump and making sure it happened at all costs. Hence we have the one and only coup d’etat attempt against a duly elected President in the the history of the United States. Always remember that Alinsky tactics can lead to jail time. You screwed up, and now you’ll pay the price. Who are liberals? They are those who can do so much wrong but are never willing to admit it. In the end it can really cost them. The above Video: “Who are Liberals?” goes to the heart of this.

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