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2020 Election: The Latest News Updates, Analysis, and Commentary about the Fraudulent Presidential Election on November 3, 2020

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Biden Burisma and Hillary

Biden Burisma and Hillary

Media propaganda sends a message to all Americans that only certain people are worthy of transparency and truth.

Harris Biden Ticket

The Harris Biden Ticket

OFFICIAL CAMPAIGN SLOGAN: “Whatever the hell goes wrong, Trump did it!”

Conservatives for the Rule of Law

Conservatives for the Rule of Law

The Left has had designs on a tyrannical America for years. This fake impeachment sham is the most recent example of their unethical behavior.

America Under Siege from Within

The democrats are hell bent on making sure President Trump is not inaugurated to a second term. But just how far will they go? Unfortunately, they’re likely to go further than the law allows. Shocker…right? Isn’t that exactly what they did in the lead up to, during and […]