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Tom Steyer Backed that Azz Up Out of the Presidential Race

Steyer Backs that Azz up out of the Presidential Race
Tom Steyer and Juvenile

Tom Steyer Backed that Azz Up Out of the Presidential Race | Victor Takacs

Last night I was sitting back in my recliner enjoying some local television programming when a political campaign commercial came on featuring Tom Steyer.  To be completely honest, I had never heard of Steyer before in my life.  I figured he was some local yokel running for congress.  Then came the plot twist; at the end of the commercial, the son of  a gun said he is running for President of The United States of America.  In order to inform myself on all things Tom Steyer, I opened my Twitter app and found this gem of a tweet.

Steyer Tweet about President Trump

LOL.  What does that even mean?  I thought about sitting down and trying to actually decipher this tweet but that would be a huge waste of time.  So I moved on.

Then I woke up this morning and opened Twitter to find that Steyer had himself quite a night.  He held a campaign rally in South Carolina last night and hired the rapper Juvenile to join him on stage to sing “Back That Azz Up”.  Billionaire Tom Steyer made a complete fool of himself attempting to back his azz up.

Other Tweets Showing Steyer is a Joke

I don’t know what’s worse, Steyer’s dancing or his choice to align himself with criminal rapper, Juvenile.  Let’s check out the rap sheet for Terius Gray also known as Juvenile:

  1. Assault of His Barber
  2. Drug Charges
  3. Failure to Pay Child Support
  4. More Drug Charges

Probably not the best person to include in your campaign.

After listening to Terrence K. Williams, the ridiculous Hurricane Katrina tweet makes more sense.

Absolutely! If this isn’t pandering, I don’t what is. People are a hell of a lot smarter than what these democrat idiots think. Authenticity matters. Hence, Donald J. Trump. In conclusion, Tom Steyer backed that azz up out of the presidential race.

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