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Conservatives for the Rule of Law

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Conservatives for the Rule of Law

Conservatives for the Rule of Law | PODCAST | Victor Takacs

Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz released his report on crimes committed by the Intelligence Community when they spied on Trump’s campaign, transition, and presidency. The over 500 page report was released in December of 2019. The mainstream media has been mostly silent on it. Unethically negligent in their reporting on the Deep State, they are complicit in putting ideology before fair and unbiased journalism. These sycophants will pay for their sins of omission as another major exodus of their audiences, already depleted by their Russian Hoax lies, will again ensue. The truth hurts! Conservatives for the rule of law will not will not stop until justice is served.

This brings me to the fake impeachment that happened on the Hill back in January. All of these democrat reprobates in the Congress knew their fake narratives had no legal basis for impeachment. They didn’t care. They’re always trying to eclipse the devastation that awaits them via The Durham Criminal Investigation. Do you see how sick they are? Instead of taking their lumps, they’re willing to continue to lie to the American public day in and day out to protect themselves. The selfishness here is appalling but not surprising. For decades conservatives have been framed as intolerant. It was never true, and to this day, continues to remain untrue. It’s they who are intolerant. We are conservatives for the rule of law.

Republicans vs. Democrats: these former conservative talking points are the talking points of truth in a country void of truth. The clown show that was fake impeachment has showed us as much. The Left’s utter disregard for Article 2 of the United States Constitution may be quite damaging to the future of this nation. During the fake impeachment, House democrats ran “Soviet style” star chamber proceedings that produced cherry-picked media leaks for the fake propagandized so-called journalism that was aimed at polluting the minds of millions. It is both reckless and unprecedented. You see, when they speak, nothing but utter bullshit comes from their mouths. Someone has to speak the truth, and that’s exactly why it will be Republican talking points that will save our great nation from these idiotic power-hungry leftist politicians. It will be conservatives for the rule of law who will right the ship.

Conservatives for the Rule of Law

Liberals and Socialists in the democrat party have produced this charade before. Unfortunately, it’s never been this bad. This time their production is nothing less than a coup d’etat, which is unprecedented in this nation’s history. WAKE UP!!! We must mobilize in a peaceful non-violent manner to support our president. It is imperative that we get out the vote for Trump in 2020. Moreover let’s work to take the House back and build on our majority in the Senate. We believe in Republican talking points, because they provide truth and substance. We are conservatives for the rule of law!

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