Great Debate Box Watch2020 Election

Great Debate Box Watch

Great Debate Box Watch
Democratic Presidential candidate, Mini Mike Bloomberg during remarks to the media at the Hilton Hotel on his first campaign stop in Norfolk, Va. Monday, Nov. 25, 2019. (AP Photo/Bill Tiernan)


Mini Mike Often Uses a Box to Elevate Himself Behind the Podium.

This was a Dandy for Mini; How Embarrassing

Great Debate Box Watch | Victor Takacs

WOW! Where doth one begin? First off, I’d like to apologize to all of the sex crazed illiterate woman out there. This page is about Mini Mike, not Magic Mike. So there you go; now you have the correct spelling. I pray we’ve cleared that up well before you booked a flight for Vegas. Magic Mike will not be there tonight, but Mini Mike will. I would imagine Vegas appearances for each of the two Mikes are quite different. We’d hate for you to be disappointed. Although, who knows? You may find Mini Mike to be everything you expected Magic Mike to be and then some. Quite frankly, I doubt it, but one can never be too sure. Nevertheless, good luck!

Ol Mini Mike! I had no idea this guy was such a jackass. For all of his years of party switching, it’s crystal clear that he finally ended up in the party best suited for him. After all, the Democrat Party is the Jackass Party. I mention that with all due respect as their political coalition is indeed represented by a donkey or jackass.

Great Debate Box Watch
Eeyore Sad Dems Use His Species to Represent Their Party

I digress. The Great Debate Box Watch is really shaping up to be quite the political event. The question is, can Mini Mike put his mouth where his money is during his debate debut? Having already spent more than $400 million in an attempt to buy the democrat nomination, can he debate as well as he spends money. We shall see. And don’t forget! Keep an eye out for Mini Mike’s box. One never knows. It may just make an appearance tonight.

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