Iowa Caucuses and Shadow2020 Election

Iowa Caucuses and Shadow

Multiple Dem Victory Speeches Conclude 2020 Iowa Caucuses

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Iowa Caucuses and Shadow | Victor Takacs

If you were lucky enough to observe the Iowa Caucuses last night, you were lucky enough. The question is: “Just how lucky is that?” Unfortunately, in my humble opinion, not very lucky at all. Now I will say this. If you were a conservative Republican watching the scene unfold, you were moved. You were moved toward laughter, humorous criticism, and utter vindication in the fact that dems were proving once again that they really are severely incompetent. This was an incompetence that was on full display in real time before a national television audience, but trust me, it’s okay, democrats. I get it; how embarrassing…right? I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Yes, millions were tuned in, but in the grand scheme of things, remember that it was just the Iowa Caucuses. And for that matter, it was the Democrat Party. Ratings were likely not substantial.

So what happened? Well it was run by democrats; that’s what happened. Do the math and add those IQs up. Haha…just kidding! Well, kind of. The true recipe for disaster that caused this whole shebang appears to be the Iowa Caucuses and Shadow. Shadow is a tech company that is an affiliate of the larger Democrat Party non-profit known as ACRONYM. According to the Los Angeles Times,

“Shadow started out as Groundbase, a tech developer co-founded by Gerard Niemira and Krista Davis, who worked for the tech team on Clinton’s campaign for the 2016 Democratic nomination.”

Los Angeles Times, 2020

The Pete Buttigieg Campaign paid $42,500 to Shadow back in July of 2019. According to a campaign spokesperson, that payment purchased an automated text messaging service to open up communications with individual voters. Will the Iowa Caucuses and Shadow go down in history together, one inexorably linked to the other. It is a possibility, because the days of the Iowa Caucuses, many believe, are numbered. It is thought that one of two things may occur:

  • The State of Iowa may eventually go to a “primary system” for party nominations.
  • The Republicans and Democrats may move the caucuses to another date, thus taking away its popularity when it is subsequently no longer the first in a long line of state by state nominating procedures.

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