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Who is the Director of the FBI?

Who is the Director of the FBI? | Victor Takacs

Who is the Director of the FBI? Christopher Wray, a Trump appointee, is the eighth and current Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI. TRUST WRAY! He assumed that office on August 2, 2017, replacing his predecessor James Comey. Comey, an Obama appointee, had been fired by President Donald Trump in early May of 2017. The President made the decision to fire Comey after receiving encouragement to do so from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein at the Department of Justice. In addition, the President had become frustrated by Comey’s inability to be transparent about the investigation on Russian Collusion. Former Director Comey had assured President Trump that he was not the subject of the Russian Investigation. On multiple occasions the President asked that Comey make that announcement to the American public. He promised he would but never did.

There was speculation at the time that former Director James Comey was authorizing leaks from the Bureau to the media. This has been proven to be true and is another reason why Trump fired him. Unfortunately Mr. Comey’s worst days may in fact be ahead of him. More than likely he’ll be indicted by the Department of Justice on multiple criminal counts. It was an unverified dossier full of Russian misinformation about the President that Comey used as his weapon of choice. Not only had Comey and others used the fake document that had been garnered by the DNC and the Hillary Clinton Campaign to unlawfully secure FISA warrants to spy on the Trump Campaign, but Comey himself actually held its potential public release over Trump’s head to maintain power within the Bureau. Comey’s leaks were intended to kick start a special counsel investigation of the Trump Campaign and the Trump Administration and their supposed ties to and collusion with the Russians.

Comey’s intentions became reality when former FBI Director Robert Mueller was named Special Counsel of the Russian Collusion Investigation. Mr. Mueller completed his investigation in late March of 2019. His report lends precedence to the fact that the whole investigation was compromised from the beginning. Mueller is feeble, up in age, and appears to be dealing with some dementia, etc. Therefore it was Andrew Weissmann, Mueller’s deputy, who had been handed the reins of hiring staff and personnel for the investigation. He quickly filled the Special Counsel’s Office with left wing Trump haters. Still no collusion was found. Weissman tried to say the President had obstructed justice in his report, but there is absolutely no evidence to back that claim.

How very interesting and quite convenient it is that Mr. Mueller and Mr. Comey are old FBI buds. Conflict of interest? You would think, but this is the new America; you know, the one that serves justice according to partisanship.

2013: Mueller Leaves FBI & Comey Becomes New Director All Under the Watchful Eye of Saint Obama

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