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What did Chuck Schumer do?

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What did Chuck Schumer do?
Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY)

What did Chuck Schumer do? | Victor Takacs

In a rare rebuke from Chief Justice John Roberts, Senator Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) comments are described as ‘inappropriate and dangerous’. And indeed they are. If you’re asking yourself, “What did Chuck Schumer do?” You can see if for yourself right here:

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) Goes Nuts at Pro-Abortion Rally in Front of Supreme Court

Burning IT Down

As we all know, these are indeed unprecedented political times. This latest fit of Lib rage is just another example. What Chuck Schumer did is not minuscule. No. In fact it is far more dangerous than what the mainstream media will have you believe. While they deal with the New York senator’s words in kid gloves, common sense tells us that the impact of said words could have far reaching consequences.

As Mark Levin has said repeatedly, “If the democrats cannot have the power they desire, they will burn IT down.” So what is IT? Levin means the country, but not in the way General Sherman did during his famous March to the Sea. No. What he means is that they will do everything in their power to inflict the maximum amount of damage possible to our constitutional institutions and traditions. If they cannot control the levers of government, they will destroy them in order to break the political machination that creates and carries out our most vital processes in support of law and order.

“Words Matter” They Tell Us

The Left has frequently criticized the President for some of his statements by claiming that “Words matter.” And so I would ask the Left, “Are you willing to stand by Schumer’s words, or are they just another mirage in your ongoing diatribe of hollow verbiage? Are his words merely symbolic of the psychotic rage and raw emotion of the Left? Is there in fact any meaning to them whatsoever, or are they nothing more than propagandist tools. Are they tools for gaining more public attention, for ginning up support for the murder of the most innocent of our kind? Faux outrage can go a long way in convincing citizens of our nation to join a cause or to vote for a certain candidate.

Unfortunately we are already receiving answers to these questions that are nothing more than unsatisfactory. Schumer, like so many on the Left, are crybabies. They are fakers, void of realistic plans to benefit the nation. So like the 5 year old that gets put in timeout, they cry their heads off. None of this is real. It’s for show. However when the acting goes a bit too far; when it’s just ridiculous and radical, the media, controlled by the Left, does only minimal reporting on it.

What did Chuck Schumer do?
Letter from Chief Justice John Roberts on Schumer’s Comments

Dems Exposed for Their Big Lie

What is there left for the democrats to do? As their support continues to wane and their big lie continues to be exposed, they squirm for attention. The cold hard truth is that they stand for nothing. Their platform is built not on fact and truth, but on bribery. For decades they propped up a social welfare system that provided a river of money to those who would vote for them. They called it compassion, but people began to know better. Compassion? How? It’s not even their money. Their bank account doesn’t take a hit when they spend it. They’re not making a personal sacrifice for the greater good. It’s no sacrifice at all. In fact, they’re benefiting from it. Social welfare programs are necessary, but they are worthless when abused by those who provide them as well as those who benefit from them.

No One Knows a Camera Like He Does

Liberals promise a brighter future, but in reality they provide a cyclical system of darkness and dependence. The politicians depend on a state of constant failure for the people, and the people depend on the politicians’ redistribution of a wealth that is not even theirs. Exposed and void of truth, they have nothing else but the camera. Trust me. There’s never been a camera that Chuck Schumer hasn’t used for his own vane purposes. He loves the camera. Most liberals do, but never could they have known that someone who knows the camera better than they would come along. I believe you know who that someone is. You’d think they would learn. This isn’t the first time a conservative more familiar than they with the power of the camera has come along. Now, like then, the truth on camera always looks better than the fake news.

Dems think they know what they are doing. It’s exactly why they go way too far in trying to gain attention. Thinking it will help, they make themselves look like lunatics. They impeach a president for doing nothing wrong, make up the words of a phone call, and even pay people to create fake dossiers about their political rivals. They also threaten Supreme Court justices and rip up speeches on national television. You get the point.

What did Chuck Schumer do?
“They don’t need no water. They’ll just let it burn. Burn! Burn!”

Judicial Independence Gone

So what did Chuck Schumer do? He did a lot more than just yell meaningless anger-filled statements from the steps of the Supreme Court. This is exactly the point Mark Levin is making. He engaged in an all out partisan assault on the United States Supreme Court as well as the Executive who had a partial hand in its makeup. One would be hard pressed to discover another historical instance of such an assault on our highest court. Unprecedented? Absolutely!

Yes, it is true. The Left is correct. Words do matter, but there is a stark difference between words of legal protest and those that are spoken to damage to our institutions.

For God’s sake, Schumer is a United States senator! He literally threatens by name two of our nation’s nine Supreme Court justices. Furthermore these are the very two justices appointed by one particular president. The consequences of this type of intimidation directed toward what was once a relatively independent branch of government cannot and should not be understated. The Left will say, “Yea, but Trump criticized the Court.” President Trump calmly claimed that some of the justices should consider recusing themselves in certain cases pertinent to the administration. He can do that, especially because a couple of the justices had previously made it a point to let the world know of their dislike of he and his administration. What Schumer did is different.

What did Chuck Schumer do? He threatened two United States Supreme Court justices in a most partisan and vitriolic manner. This is, as the Chief Justice wrote, is inappropriate and dangerous. It is also without precedent both in reality and from a constitutional perspective.

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  1. Last night I decided to pray for the congress. First solid sleep I’ve had in a week.
    Everything seems better to me today. I don’t ever see the congress.

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