Washington Full of Satan Worshipping PedophilesPublic Policy

Washington Full of Satan Worshipping Pedophiles

Washington Full of Satan Worshipping Pedophiles | Victor Takacs

The Underground World of the Deep State


We’re not talking about some obscure individuals who aimlessly wander around town from time to time. They are not strangers in our midst, nor are they unrecognizable to millions of us. They do not conceal themselves as ashamed or abashed by the light of day. On the contrary, they seem to enjoy the limelight and are typically eager to be recognized in public.

Enough to turn your stomach...

Some may break your heart when you find out who they are and what they do. Others are so morally and ethically bankrupt that you probably won’t even give it a second thought. Their sinful nature speaks for itself.

Pedophilia and ritualized satanic worship were apparently among Washington’s best kept secrets at one time. Throughout the past five years, that cat has come out of the bag. These people are beyond sick, and our great nation must rid itself of them as quickly as possible.

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