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Who is the Director of the FBI?

Christopher Wray is the present and eighth man in charge of the Bureau. He assumed that office on August 2, 2017.

The Deep State Shallow People

Doug Collins Released Transcripts

Deep State, Shallow People

Hillary Clinton Emails

Thousands of Hillary Clinton’s emails were forwarded to China.

Colin Kaepernick Nike

Colin Kaepernick & Nike

Colin Kaepernick is confusing the Betsy Ross flag for the Confederate flag.

Comey Just the Tip of Iceberg

Comey Just Tip of the Iceberg

79 page IG Comey Report a separate issuance of findings than the much bigger Inspector General Report on FISA Abuse that is set to go public any day now.

Media Fear Mongering

History has been made! At no point in the past has the American mainstream media said such hateful poisonous things about the President of the United States, but with Donald Trump, they are obsessed.

Jim Comey


Vox Article on Jim Comey Debunked: Justice arrives soon and no amount of fake news can change that.

FISA Warrant

SHOCKING: Judicial Watch secures FBI 302s of interviews of Deputy Associate Attorney General Bruce Ohr.

Bill Barr and Roger Stone

Bill Barr and Roger Stone

Attorney General William Barr is the antithesis of the Left.