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Bruce Ohr Testimony

Bruce Ohr Testimony


Bruce Ohr Testimony | Victor Takacs

Bruce Ohr Testimony


Could we finally be on a path toward ridding this nation of its two tiered justice system? One can only hope and pray, but with Bill Barr at the helm over at Justice and this damning testimony from Bruce Ohr, Conservatives are gaining momentum. I have reason to believe that, in the end, this thing will be bigger than Watergate.

I know what occurred to get us to the point we’re at now, but I often wonder how it was allowed to happen here in America, the supposed land of the free. This is exactly what you get when you allow your federal bureaucracy to grow into this massive Leviathan virtually unabated. This scandal as well as others of the same ilk are exactly what President Reagan was talking about when he said, “Government is not the solution. Government is the problem.” 

Bruce Ohr Testimony
Nellie Ohr

Bruce Ohr’s testimony sheds some light on it all, but there are many more pieces to the puzzle that need to be put together so as to reestablish an American justice system we can all have confidence in and be proud of.

Everything seems to revolve around this fake thirty-five page Russian dossier that was supposedly chalked full of incriminating and salacious information about the president and his relations with Russia. This was a document that the Hillary Clinton Campaign paid for as opposition research on Donald Trump. By the way, obtaining opposition research on political opponents during a campaign is perfectly legal. This is why the effort to cover up the money trail for the purchase of this dossier raises quite a few red flags.

If in fact the gathering of opposition research and intelligence breaks no laws, why try to conceal the money trail. So here is how it all went down. The dossier was created by Christopher Steele who was a former British intelligence agent and disgraced FBI informant. He was disgraced, because the FBI was no longer using him as an informant due to his unreliable nature.

Bruce Ohr Testimony
Bruce Ohr

The Clinton Campaign had hired a private intelligence gathering firm, known as Fusion GPS, to obtain or put together opposition research on Trump. In turn Fusion GPS hired Christopher Steele to do the research. Steele was vehemently opposed to Trump becoming president. His hate for Donald Trump was and is no secret. The product of Steele’s research was, of course, the unverified and uncorroborated dossier. It was obtained by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for the Clinton Campaign upon payment to Fusion GPS. The payment was laundered through a law firm known as Perkins Coie. Once again, the concealment of payment tells us that the DNC and the Hillary Clinton Campaign wanted it to be hidden.

Enter Bruce Ohr, the number four man at the Department of Justice. His wife, Nellie Ohr, just so happens to be employed by Fusion GPS. She continued to give new dossier memos to her husband after the Bureau cut ties with dossier author Christopher Steele. Ohr would then push each memo into the FBI. Never proven to have a speck of truth about Trump and Russia within it, the FBI used it to get a FISA warrant (FISA: The Federal Intelligence Surveillance Court created by The Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978). Pulling the wool over the FISA judges’ eyes, this warrant ended up being issued once and renewed an additional three more times.

To obtain this warrant, the FBI feigned a belief in the accuracy of the dossier. The warrant, once issued, permitted the United States federal government to surveil (wiretap, watch, follow) American citizens within the Trump Campaign. Misleading these judges to produce a warrant like this for surveillance purposes violated the constitutional rights of the people who were surveilled.

Bruce Ohr Testimony
Glenn Simpson | Owner | Fusion GPS

I would imagine everything would be A-ok if it were true that the FBI thought the dossier was accurate. However we know now that they knew damn well that the dossier had never been corroborated or verified. How do we know? Bruce Ohr said so. In his testimony he made it perfectly clear that he warned everyone about the trustworthiness of the dossier both at the Department of Justice and within the FBI. And yet these people still got a warrant and had it renewed multiple times. How unconscionable!

These degenerates tried to, and others are still trying to force a duly elected president from office. Is this an ethical America anymore? This should strike fear in the hearts of every American, but the extreme partisanship and hatred of Donald Trump on the Left has rendered millions of liberals blind to the truth. God Bless America, NOW MORE THAN EVER!!! For if we lose our Constitution, we lose our country. Now let that sink in.

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