Comey Just the Tip of IcebergSpygate

Comey Just Tip of the Iceberg

Comey Just Tip of the Iceberg | Victor Takacs

As many of you may well know at this point, DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz released a report on Comey and Comey’s role in the Deep State’s Spygate Ring. The Office of the Inspector General officially went public and torched Comey in December of last year. This is a separate issuance of findings than that which will eventually be revealed to the public.

Previously reported to you by Free State of V, we know that this smaller Comey memo is just the tip of the iceberg. Our sources indicated that Comey would be found to have unethically leaked memos that catalogued conversations with the President behind closed doors. Those same sources indicated that the Inspector General would recommend that changes be filed against Comey. That is all true, as today’s revelations have confirmed. As we’ve said before, the Department of Justice will not move forward on charges, because the case is flimsy at best. Sure. Perhaps a military tribunal is more fitting for the former FBI director as well as those at DOJ trying to cover up his crimes.

Comey is only the tip of the iceberg. There will be others, and there will be more Comey crimes revealed to the American public. The former FBI Director leaking memos is not the end of the story. Tonight our sources are indicating the best is yet to come. It has been confirmed that the original warrant to spy on the President and his campaign was obtained illegally and that the three subsequent renewals were illegal as well. That’s right! The best is yet to come! I am cheering for this in anticipation of these bastards being indicted. Patriots all around this great nation of ours are cheering for this.

All of these asshats took the lead in this nation’s only coup d’etat attempt in its history. They deserve the justice they will be handed after they ripped the country apart for damn near two and a half years alongside their corrupt media friends. When the big report drops, all Americans should take to the streets in celebration. Liberals and conservatives alike should be celebrating. The Left has as much a stake in this as do conservatives. If Trump were to have been forced from office, a future loon tune liberal president could also be forced from office. Any President from here on out could, and at that point, kiss it all bye bye.

Comey Just the Tip of Iceberg

It’s called precedent. Once you screw with the Constitution, you give permission to everyone and their mom to do the same until this nation finally collapses. Voting in America, democracy, etc. are wiped out. What sense would it make to hit for your leaders when the political opposition ultimately decides it’s not your decision; it’s theirs? In more ways than one, Comey is only the tip of the iceberg.

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