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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) allowed Hillary Clinton to be exonerated after she obstructed justice. They also tried to overthrow Trump.

Department of Injustice

The Department Of Injustice

Communism has arrived in America.

Military Arrests James Comey

Military Arrests James Comey

He was arrested on charges of treason, sedition, obstruction of justice, and aiding and abetting persons actively involved in criminal behavior.

Who is the Director of the FBI?

Christopher Wray is the present and eighth man in charge of the Bureau. He assumed that office on August 2, 2017.

Mueller Investigation an Attempted Cover-Up

Mueller Investigation an Attempted Cover-Up

Another objective was to set up obstruction traps for Trump Administration officials.

X22 Report

The X22 Report

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The Hammer and Scorecard

The Hammer and Scorecard

“The Hammer is the key to the Coup.” -Admiral Ace Lyons

Obama, Hillary & FBI Murdered Scalia

Obama & Hillary had Scalia Murdered

Eye-Opening Testimony from Former DNI Clapper Exposes the Truth.

Hillary Clinton Emails

Thousands of Hillary Clinton’s emails were forwarded to China.

Simon Parkes Updates

VIDEO UPDATES on the Fall of the Deep State

Flynn Set Up by Obama Biden

Flynn Set Up by Obama Biden

Not one person has ever been tried and convicted of violating the unconstitutional 1807 Logan Act.

Pay to Play


The dots are connected and the overall scope of this massive scandal is quickly coming into view. Relatively soon, the truth will hit millions of shocked Americans like a nuclear bomb.