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Pay to Play | Victor Takacs

The dots are connected and the overall scope of this massive scandal is quickly coming into view. Relatively soon, the truth will hit millions of shocked Americans like a ton of bricks. Complicit in schemes of cover-up and deception, the pathetic Obama worshiping liberal hack propaganda mills of the American mainstream media have played millions of people for fools. It is imperative that those in our media who have selfishly neglected truth in reporting for their own political agendas resign immediately.

US Attorney John Durham’s investigation into the truth about Russia collusion, the 2016 presidential campaign, and Hillary’s emails will be concluding very soon. Kept in the dark by a media that has failed them, millions of Americans have absolutely no idea of what is coming. This is a rundown of the absolute worst political scandal in American history.

We begin with the Obama Administration’s high level of corruption, the worst of any presidential administration in American history. The Hillary Clinton, democrat nominee for president in 2016 and secretary of state from 2009-2013. As secretary of state, Mrs. Clinton had all of her email communication funneled through a private server so that there would be no government record of her using her position to hand out favors in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation (Pay to Play). One particular pay to play client was Uranium One, a Russian corporation. Wait til you see what they received as a favor. Speaking of Russia, obviously they meddled in the 2016 presidential election. The idea that Trump and his campaign colluded with Russia in the meddling is fantasy, but it would nevertheless be used to try and remove him from office. Thus the first ever attempt at a coup d’etat of the President of the United States has been and continues to be a bizarre political narrative the likes of which has never been seen in this nation.

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Unlawful FISA Spying Widespread Under Obama Administration

Safeguards to protect Americans from having their personal data accessed were repeatedly broken by Obama Officials

Obama Unlawful FISA Spying Infographic

Hillary, Her Emails, & The Clinton Foundation


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Pay to Play Gives Russia 20% of Total American Uranium

Dems Delusional

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House Intelligence Committee Memo on Russian Hoax & More

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Fusion GPS, The Phony Dossier & Carter Page: FBI Insurance to Prevent a Trump Presidency

Peter Strzok

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Peaceful Transfer of Executive Power Non-Existent

Pay to Play

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