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Joe Biden Gun Views

REMEMBER THIS? Biden Tells Union Worker “You’re Full of S–t” Video

Does Joe Biden understand the things that are coming out of his mouth? Here he cusses at a voter in a state he needs to win.

Ukraine Transcript Shows Nothing

READ IT HERE: Full Trump-Zelensky Ukraine Call Transcript

Mike Lindell Launches FRANK: Sign Up HERE


The Social Media Platform for TRUTH 24/7.

Dennis Montgomery Deep State Kryptonite

Dennis Montgomery is Deep State Kryptonite

The media love trashing him, which lets us know that we are right over the target.

The Hammer and Scorecard

The Hammer and Scorecard

“The Hammer is the key to the Coup.” -Admiral Ace Lyons

Hillary Clinton Emails

Thousands of Hillary Clinton’s emails were forwarded to China.

This is What Happened in Texas

This is What Happened in Texas

The True Story of the Failures of the Texas Electric Grid

Obamagate & Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn

PODCAST EPISODE 19: Listen to how they framed a decorated war hero right here!

Podcast Episode 8

Special Counsel Investigation Officially Illegitimate

Bob Mueller delivered testimony according to the questions he had to answer on Capitol Hill last week regarding his investigation.

Andrew Weissmann Mueller’s Pitbull

The #2 man on the Special Counsel ran the show. He was a donor to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign for President. Moreover, he was seen at Hillary’s victory party that never happened. He also unlawfully destroyed Arthur Andersen in his prosecution of energy giant Enron Corp.

What do FBI Records Show about the Michael Flynn Case? VIDEO

They could never take out Trump with Flynn there. He’d figure out their plot. He had to go.