Medbeds are Coming

Medbeds are Coming

VIDEO: Gyroscopic Radiosurgery

Medbeds are Coming | Victor Takacs

One of the most sinister things, among many, the Satanic Cabal has done is hijack technology. Furthermore, they have hoarded it for themselves and restricted our access to it. In no aspect of our society has this been done to our detriment than in the field of medicine.

The total selfishness of these evil reprobates can never be overstated. Forget what you know. While it is true that we have made seismic advances in technology throughout both the 20th and 21st centuries, those advancements pale in comparison to where we should be today.

For instance, when Nikola Tesla supposedly died in the early 1940’s, the FBI swooped in to take his papers and possessions. Doctors who could cure cancer via sound frequencies were silenced, destroyed, fired, killed, etc. The Satanic Cabal invested in and essentially controlled big pharma to their benefit. In order for big pharmaceutical companies the world over to be profitable, technology and research that provides cures for our most common ailments was hidden from us.

As tragic as this is, no one is to blame except those who fomented such a tragic plot line for humanity. How were we to ever know?

Well we know now. The good news is that the Great Awakening is going to revolutionize medicine. That which has been hidden shall be hidden no longer. The best is yet to come! For instance, med beds are coming!

In order to understand medical beds (medbeds) and their fantastic healing capabilities, take a look at this video.

VIDEO: Medbeds are Coming


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  1. Assuming when they released into mass healing centers unfortunately our loved ones , our children, those whom we have built a beautiful loving relationship , those who have wanted this healing the most will have to endure more ‘silent suffering’, these Medbeds as mentioned will be first for the most Critical cases and Serious diseases/illnesses , so that will place most people at the back of the line for many many months or even years !

    I know we have technology right now from companies and I for one have their technology which uses Far-Infrared energy and having used the bed cover and also tesla products I am already seeing dramatic shifts in my own Physical and Spritual body , there are many things i could mention- The moment you sleep on the bed you feel Deep relaxation that provides +ve Life force that keeps firing and it regenerates cells -never could do 12 hour working , now this shift has been soo intense and dramatic I am able to perform , think, Focus and carry on 18hrs a day .

    So in conclusion I am buying them for my family and allowing friends to try them and whoever needs to ‘heal themselves’ .

    First and foremost we need Nesara/Gesara to be announced and then we’ll know the war is over and evil has been dealt with to introduce any Military style MEDBEDS !!

    • Dip, Everything you said is right on. The evil Cobalt has finally met their demise. If it wasn’t for the
      Greatest President of all time, President Donald J Trump and the Military, none of this would be happening. I sure hope Nesara happens soon. Our country and the world have been patient, at least the ones that know what is to come! Soon the people who have been suffering with cancer and very intense pain that comes with their disease will finally be PAIN FREE❤🙏

    • So I read all these reply but no one is answering them, Why ???
      I would love this to be true (as I have been sick my whole life) so is it true ??
      Is Australia on the list of countries to get these if it’s true ??

  2. I’ve been hearing about the med beds for over four years now. Literally Everyone is repeating hear say with absolutely Zero definitive proof. I need one really bad right now but nobody has any proof they exist. People without proof needs to Stop spreading false hope. That’s literally all it is at this point.

  3. If this was true, wouldn’t people at the top like biden already have used this device and would have cured his dementia? If this is true, all the elite would be using this and they wouldn’t need adrenochrome.

  4. I’m totally overwhelmed with tears of joy. The fact that people will have this to their benefits, finally, is just too moving to not feel a total shift in my conscienceness, and thus allowing me to be a better breeder/spreader of light and joy. I pray our journey will be as smooth as possible through this shift into the new era of way of life. I pray, and act, because without action, praying is only begging (in my eyes). I pray I can have the strength to excel.
    Thank you for reading, and I cannot wait to spread the word!

  5. What if I want o be trained in this new technology?Where can I start looking? I worked in health care an I would to be able to participate in this.

    • Marcela, I’ve read that we will be able to get the training for the Med Beds. I am going to take the course when it is offered. I agree that we need to keep the faith and pray for
      Good vs Evil will soon happen. We have no idea what is happening behind the scenes and for now Prayers are needed and we need to trust that God, President Trump and the White Hats are in control. 🇺🇸❤🙏

  6. Greetings to you all – I, for 1, believe (& choose to believe) that it IS GAME OVER for the “elite globalists”, the K.Mafia; that Med Beds are Coming (as soon as enuf of those despicables hav “gon bye bye”), and will somehow be made available to ALL, who need them most. I just heard Juan O’Savin say that Veterans will have 1st access to them… damaged vets deserve to be repaired and regenerated. Then, I hope/pray that others, who have lost limbs, a hand, a foot or 2, will gain access to them. That the New Quantum System will be supremely kind and just to all, and Med Beds will Come in perfect timing to all. Earth is becoming a Service-to-Others planet. Remember: Anything conceived & believed can be achieved. Most ets are our caring cosmic cousins – who made their far more advanced technologies available decades ago, but they were withheld from us by inhumane elite for 70+ years. GAME OVER, NOW.
    Soon we will celebrate ! LOVE to All, SuGee

  7. Im from tecas i have mythasin gravis.its a diease.on the muscle an lung nerves ots a awful makes life hell to live i pray this is true i belive its true.i served my country for 15 years.i just want another chance to enjoy watt life i have.thank you for information.

  8. From my own research, I don’t believe the MedBeds work on the cabal because they are so low frequency. Look at them, do they look age regressed? How do we know if it’s true that they are coming to us? The only way we can know this, or anything, is through our personal relationship with God or Source. This is the one thing we have that they don’t, and never will. This is our true superpower. If the connection to God is there, it will resonate.

  9. Boa noite, tem 3 anos que tenho artrite psoríase e coxartrose. desde então estou adiando a cirurgia para por prótese nos dois lados do quadril, minha intuição diz para não fazer. Quando soube das Cama Med senti uma alegria no coração, mesmo que elas não venham para me ajudar , sinto que se inicia uma nova era, onde a humanidade vai viver sem a angustia no coração da perda de um ente querido e viver com mais amor no coração, o ser humano não nasce mau, isso é consequência do sofrimento e da ganancia que foi plantado em seus corações. Gratidão por esse presente do Céu.

  10. I would like to volunteer to be a left cerebral meningeom patient. I am a being of Light. Gratitude

  11. Es mentira eso de las camas Médicas/camas holográficas. No saldrán ni a fines del 2021, ni durante el 2022, ni en el 2023, simplemente porque no es cierto.

  12. I have to say these things don’t look like anything a normal person could purchase. Governments would have to buy maybe 1 for each hospital in the world, and even then it would take years for everyone to have a go, and there are very few people around these days who are disease free. Hope it happens though.

  13. Having researched Rife therapy ,originally administered through radio waves, when I first heard of medbeds , a number of years ago ,it connected a few dots for me .Lo and behold ,here we are looking at the future of medicine to for the most part eliminate the Rockefeller initiated drug system established at the beginning of the 20th century.What seemed magical is becoming a reality .What a beautiful world is soon to blossom . Thank you for this

    • It’s amazing the journeys some have taken in life?, met a guy years ago who designed and built the Rife machine along with 13 others,who wanted to show the world, and got assassinated, he took off and survived under another name here in Australia back in late 80s,then I lived in India in a Saibaba Ashram for 8 months and befriended a nuclear scientist, he was reluctant to socialise as he was used to dealing with scientists and professors,he helped design and built HAARP TECHNOLOGY, from I m their evidence become clear on who is who in the world, a long story short ?, through experience started to connect with others through vibration, cellular memory so on ,going beyond mind to see beyond Rothchilds education mind control program and using sutras to open up

  14. This is CGI. Proves nothing, except that hopium is a still a pleasant mind drug to ingest. Even has a Fandango movie site logo on it! What Hooliganwood movie are these taken from?
    Doesn’t mean I don’t want to believe.

    • Elysium. The movie is a near-future-set story about the poor people living on the poisoned Earth rising up against the “elite” wealthy who live in an orbiting paradise with advanced tech and medical technology.

  15. Sounds like BS – I doubt if you will print this – the whole thing is a Hologram ? Since you advocate Gesara saying so many countries signed up for it, this only confirms it’s invalidity – A lady is working trying to bring in this money but it simply doesn’t exist – Q is also BS – I won’t hold my breath waiting for this contraption , hologram with no physical existence – Many many Doctors and Scientists have cured cancer – they were killed – others put in prison.

  16. I wish my people would believe what I say about med beds. I don’t know if med beds are gonna work for nonbelievers.

  17. Utsava says they are expected in hospitals in June. Hope she’s right. Imaging growing new teeth, removing dental infection, and being healed from addictive anxiety meds (benzos) like Xanax, Valium, Klonopin, Ativan, etc. Those “big pharma” drugs are the devil in pill form, and never should have been created. The fear & anxiety from withdrawal is pure torture.

  18. Utsava says they are expected in hospitals in June. Hope she’s right. Imaging growing new teeth, removing dental infection, and being healed from addictive anxiety meds (benzos) like Xanax, Valium, Klonopin, Ativan, etc. Those drugs are the devil in pill form and never should have been created. The fear & anxiety from withdrawal is pure torture.

    • I wish they would come soon as well, I have been sick since Sept of 2017 and am so tierd of being sick and now I have started having vertigo.. I pray to God all day every day to help me heal or guide me to what will heal me,, I just cry because I use to be so happy and full of life and now I never leave my house and just feel AWFUL all the time.. PLEASE GOD hurry with the med beds for those of us who love you so much and need them !!! In Jesus name !

    • So if it’s the Cabal who has access to these technologies and are keeping them from the public, either the Cabal will have to be arrested and/or the technologies taken away from them to be given to the public, right? Does anyone know if there are military operations underway to get the medbeds away from the Cabal and out in the open?

  19. When will the med beds be available to the public? Where will they be located. I live in Port Arthur, Texas and could use this technology due to back surgeries that have left me in awful pain and inability to move around. Am wanting to get off morphine and hydrocodone that is becoming very addictive. This technology sounds very promising and want to more know about it. I am a believer and a patriot.

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