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The Democrat Marxists

The Democrat Marxists

Destruction is a sign of pure evil.

Propaganda Works

This is proof that the liberal propaganda coming at us via leftist mainstream outlets is having an impact on people. Very Scary!

Blame Trump

Blame Trump

The history of American gun violence is gut wrenching. As God and prayer take a backseat while our culture and society slide further into degradation and rot, mentally ill young people inflict fatal acts of violence on innocent strangers.

Obama v. Trump

The proof is right here: Trump is a better president than Obama.

Come and Take It

Executive Privilege

DOJ Statement on House Judiciary Committee Holding Barr in Contempt

Trump's Economic Impact

Economic News

This is America’s best economy in over half a century.


It’s Veto Time! | Victor Takacs Today twelve RINO (Republican in Name Only) Senators betrayed their president. They voted in favor of a resolution to block the National Emergency that allows President Trump to build the fence on the southern border. There is no question about the fact […]

52 Hostages 52 Sites

Iran’s economy is in the toilet. Their bogus nuclear deal with Obama has been torn up by Trump. They’re blowing up oil tankers and shooting down US drones. BUCKLE UP!

Joe Biden Amazon Tweet

Why do these democrat candidates for President of the United States enjoy criticizing major corporations who provide thousands of American jobs?